The Source Field Investigations


“You create a loving space within yourself, which then allows loving energy to fill it.” I’m reading NYT bestseller The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcox right now and it’s a very well thought out work that has some pretty controversial and cutting edge science in it that at the end of the day has […]




“How do you define your reality?  All experiences in life are based upon the strongest definitions you’ve bought into about that reality… …Is this making some sense to you?” What if every moment we recognized, this moment, right now, and now, and again now, created another world of potential, another parallel reality that could transform […]


The Beauty of Pollination


Absolutely blowmind amazing high speed photography that is both humbling and beautiful in displaying the raw power of nature and our connection to it. Worth 4 minutes.  Click below.


Love > $


Watching the below video will take four minutes of your time and lighten your whole day.   If you’re wondering what 99% + 1 could possibly ever equal, indeed what it all could mean, this is a good primer.


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