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The Field by Lynne McTaggart – an excerpt

What if Yoda told you to use the Force… and you did?

“This important book stretches the imagination. We are on the verge of another revolution in our understanding of the universe.” – Arthur C. Clarke 

Did you know that during events of mass focus like the Academy Awards, the Superbowl, the funeral of Princess Di and the tragic events of 9/11 that random number generators used for scientific experiments  across the world have been documented to tip unexplainably toward statistically impossible outcomes you would never get otherwise, leaving no other explanation but that the intense concentration of many has a real affect in the world?

If the collective thought of millions of football fans all focused on the same game can do such miracles, imagine what we could do if the Cubs could make it back to the World Series.  Think.  Think!

Did you know that scientists at universities like M.I.T. in double blind studies have noted a documentable change in the molecular structure of water, increasing the purity and taste simply by writing the word “Love” on the side of a cup?

Or that those same scientists have learned that the structure of your D.N.A. expands or contracts simply based on your mood and this happens whether or not it is in your body or a thousand miles away in a pee tree dish?!

It sounds nuts, out to lunch and impossible, unless, that is, you’re Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, or a true believer of any of the major religions, or if you’re Hopi, the Maya, the Egyptians, the Greeks or even the crazy cat lady in apartment 2A.  Y’know, the one that screams at the wall at 2 a.m.

Has science via quantum mechanics actually discovered the mechanics of prayer?  Is your brain nothing more than an antenna to God’s world wide net?

Akasha.  Prana.  The Divine.  The Holy Spirit.  Call it  what you will but Lynne McTaggart calls it “The Field” and she, along with respected scientists performing double blind and well documented studies at places like Harvard, Princeton, and even the C.I.A. and K.G.B. have all been studying it too while you watched the Superbowl.

A quirk of quantum mechanics is spawning the rapidly emerging study of  consciousness reality, the all encompassing field of energy that eventually could solve the world’s energy problems and remake everything you thought you knew.

In the below eight minute audio clip from Lynne McTaggart’s amazing new book “The Field”, she details how she spent several years as a skeptic researching to find some sort of logical theory to  the unexplainable “stuff” science has discovered that worked yet defied explanation.   She finally had to admit, to her skeptical amazement, that the laws of the universe revolved more around consciousness than most people today dare to think and that we are all connected in fundamental ways both too beautiful and impossible to ignore.

If Ghandi and Einstein had a baby, not only would it be as bizzare as The Field, it would sound something like this clip just below of Lynne talking about her amazing journey into how your mind connects to everything around you.

The Field Audio Excerpt I:

click here for an 8 minute clip of Lynne Mctaggart talking about her book The Field.

The Field Audio Exerpt II:

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