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What IS The Secret?

Thoughts.  Become.  Things.

For years I had successful friends mention”The Secret” to me.  I tuned them out.  They were rich and famous, what could they possibly know?

Then a buddy gave me a book on it.  I smiled politely yet oh so smugly, pitying the fool before promptly stuffing that unread bit of fluff into the deepest, dankest far reaches of my garage where it would remain… secret.  What else would any sane person do?  It was all just some feel good hippy cult thing, right?  Upon reading I’d soon no doubt be blindfolded before some fraternity jock in sheet saying “thank you ma’am may I have another.”  Right?

It took me two years to stumble across the video clip in this post.  It was the start of a journey although I didn’t know it right away.

I decided to make this post about The Secret one of my first because it was what first opened my mind to the possibility that there may be more to the power of thought, of consciousness, to intent than I had realized.  Honestly I was tired of going through life wondering “why me” and I wanted something more.

After I watched this clip of the first 20 minutes I ran out and bought the whole dvd. It was the first time I’d ever spent money on this type of material.  It changed me, not so much all in one big chunk but more like a simple first step on the journey of increasingly complex ideas that led me to build this site.  It reminded me that we are what we think.  It reminded me that we can choose to be the person bad stuff always happens to or the person assured and surrounded by an abundance of love, life and wealth.  The choice is in our hands.

You decide if The Secret is for you.  Watch the first twenty minutes below, get the book and the full dvd, (netflix has it too) and see if you can figure it out for yourself.

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