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Giant flaming U.F.O. Crashes into O.C. In & Out Burger

This happened at 7p.m. last night over an Orange County In & Out Burger.  The news isn’t saying what it is but speculating it’s a meteor.  Problem is, if you ask any “meteorologist”, a meteor that big and fiery would have taken out every In & Out in the O.C.  My favorite is the dude filming’s voice, he’s straight out of extras casting.  He deserves his own reality… show, that is.

And here are some L.A. news clippings on the incident.   They saw this thing across the greater continental U.S.

Pay attention to the quotes at the end from witnesses that saw one “land” followed by a second that buzzed around.

Haven’t I seen all this somewhere before?

Orson?  Oh, Orson?  Is it you?  No, it’s not.  It’s also not an invasion.  Anybody with a flaming ship that cool simply MUST come in peace, or according to some witnesses, in tiny pieces.

I like the part where the reporter talks about how witnesses saw the “object” land in the woods, followed by another similiar light that buzzed around impossibly.

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