12 Countries, 6 Minutes and Some Internet Angels.

At once the internet can be both isolating and liberating.  At it’s best it is an unprecedented and true reminder of how connected we all are.  I started my blog with the statement, “Hello, I’m another version of you.”  The clip below gets to the heart of what that means.  Whenever you are down and feeling alone, lost in your little box of reality… for a complete lift click on this inspired and inspiring clip.  It symbolizes the height of connection for me in this current digital age like few other things and I’m so glad to share it.   All done virtually, created with composer Eric Whitacre and hundreds of amateur chorale singers from 12 different countries all making youtube webcasts from home, bringing their reality to yours… it’s so beautiful, so profound, you must simply see, and hear yourself.

And here is a clip of the composer Eric Whitacre briefly talking about how he envisioned this project and brought it to reality.  An incredible story of how synchronicity, technology and imagination can create miracles.

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