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A Beginners Guide to the Shift of Ages: PART II: Look Within

October 27, 2011 8:10 am

Dream fragments.

A voice, disembodied, almost like my own voice but not quite.  “Get ready for rehearsal.”

An image of a large metropolitian city, skyscrapers high to either side of a street crowded with people.  Looking at it through thick, circular black rubber bands placed in the foreground of the scene almost like bars.  The bands twist and reform as I, the observer in the dream, watch.  The bands are everywhere, wrapped around each other across my field of vision.

The voice says something like, “You are moving the bands.  What you see is what you create.   You live in what you create.”

As those words rang in my head the dream became lucid to me.  I didn’t like the look of the skyline.  My artist’s brain made it three shades more golden… warmer.  As I did that, the rubber bands separating observer from scene twisted and bent together in beautiful patterns as if by magic.

I got the intuitive idea that the bands represented timelines or outcomes, and that they were being shifted and manipulated via the mass thought of those outside as well as those thoughts of the observer in the dream and something more universal than that as well.  As the bands shifted, what I saw beyond them shifted.  It was like using a computer program to color correct an image.

The dream shifted, to an image of a wave moving there on the street, or more accurately a collection of large, blue, cresting waves, actually one large wave and a few smaller waves, almost cartoon like but washing it’s way through the seemingly more solid reality of the pavement.

I saw myself, standing there about to be hit by the waves.   I focused in on them.   With great force something pushed through the waves, punching through them, neatly, in two human size rectangles, looking like two giant quotation marks, or two empty doorways.  The wave paused at once and stood there before the scene, hovering in place, their doorways open, water visible shimmering neatly.

I get the intuitive impression now that the waves represent the progression of time and events.  The intention of focus on them punched doorways through them, not just one, but two doorways, sort of like an in and out door in a fancy diner’s kitchen.  An entrance and an exit lane of possibilities.  A way in and a way out.

A way in and out of what?  Nothing external I can see.  A way instead of Looking Within, of finding the possibilities there and exploring them and then bringing what is found back into the external world to be shared.  We simply don’t take enough time to go inside ourselves and do a gut check.  Meditation is key.  Paying attention to our dreams is key.  Paying attention to the way you FEEL about your day, your relationships, your acheivements and failures, all of that, is the challenge.

In my opinion, “Look Within” is the key to riding the waves of life, especially like the times we’re in.  “Look Within” was one of the very first insights I received when I first tried meditation.  Two simple words ringing in my head as I came out of an otherwise uneventful meditation.  The next day I ran across a copy of “Meditation For Dummies” opened a page and there those words were, “Look Within”.   They sounded like two simple little worlds, but they can transform your entire life and the world around you if you dare to look.

This wave imagery in the dream, to me, even while being in the dream, made me think of sine waves, and now upon reflection I recall the previous waking thought I’d a few days earlier had about how positive and negative events in life seem to ebb and flow like sine ways, a Law of Polarity where what comes up must come down, and that with events of the world, events both personal and collective, the raising vibrations of the times operate to raise the intensity of the sine waves higher and higher, providing greater and greater potential in every area for growth, triumph and new beginnings.

Looking within means finding Buddha’s “Middle Path”.  It’s about moderation in all things.  It’s dialing your internal compass to go beyond duality, beyond who is right and wrong, good and evil, fault and not at fault… it means letting go of your ego and accepting the sort of perfection that can only be found within.   How else could we ever find the hutzpah to “Love thy enemies”?

That insight is the key to transforming reality both personal and collective.  It is also the key to remembering that there is no difference between the two.

I also recall now upon waking, as I write this still half asleep, my conversation with a friend two days ago about fractals, a form of math, (to my limited understanding) where every concievable combination folds in on itself to create the same whole. Fractals are found everywhere in nature.  You seem them when you look at a tree, your neighbor’s lawn, a wisp of smoke.

My friend was studying the image of an award plaque hanging on the wall behind us, called a W.A.V.E. award, with a cartoon like drawing of waves, all each exactly like the the other, one bigger than the rest, and she mentioned that they reminded her of fractals, where each figure represents an exact duplicate of a larger set.

Below is the actual image from the plaque.   It’s very similar to my dream waves with the doors in them.  They even had the same cartoon drawing quality.

To her, and now to me as well, that image represented the fractal nature of reality.

If you want to know more about it click here and read Holographic Universe about how mainstream science is confirming daily that our reality operates like a giant hologram, where even if each piece can be broken off from the whole it still contains all the information of the bigger hologram.

The visual rendition of this has been called a “Mandelbrot set”, where visually we can see a model of consciousness that scientists have called the Holographic model of the Universe, where the larger whole is an exact duplicate of the smaller, where each thing reflects the larger, even down to the smallest particle.

Greg Braden did a good job of explaining and showing the Mandelbrot Set in this 15 minute video.  If you can, take 15 minutes and check this out.

Apparently to my dreaming mind, “get ready for rehearsal.” while watching the doorways blow open in those fractal like waves, represents the opening of possibilities that can be taken from the internal to the external world.   Opportunities to twist and bend the rubber bands that make up reality into something new that requires only the use of imagination, love of self as well as others, and focus.

The impression I got was not that this occurred because of some force of will, or by enforcing my version of reality upon someone elses, or even for that matter due to my own desires for what I want out of the whole deal.  It is more about healing what is within to allow forces that are far bigger, far more epic than you could ever move with hands or mind, to do the transformation for us in the most perfect way possible.  We’ve spent so much time looking without for someone to arrive on a white horse and rescue us from our trials and tribulations.  Isn’t it about time to start looking within instead?

That really is the challenge of the day.

What if nobody is going to rescue you… but you?  What if you never needed rescuing afterall because everything you’ve been seeking was just right in front of you.  What if all it took was that one revelation to not only transform your own reality, but that of the entire world as well?

Today is October 27th. Tomorrow is October 28th, 2011 and is considered by some to be the true beginning of a great shift in the planet’s alignment of thought, a time when we are being bombarded with new energies on a solar, galactic, personal and collective level that we must face and overcome on our way to graduation day.  The only thing we can know for sure is that whatever occurs, we will indeed graduate.

Below is a video of a lady named Inelia Benz speaking about this shift of vibration taking place, and her journey to recognize her place in the larger world of such change.  What she is saying builds upon my last post about the Mayans and the raising vibrations they and others spoke of, and the challenges and triumphs so many are feeling these days.

I felt it applicable.  As always, take only what is true to you from any of this.  I don’t claim to know what is correct.  I simply present the information in her 15 minute clip for your review to help form your own truth.

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