Visualize A Better World On November 11th

On 11.11.11 people all around the world, in over 90 countries, will be joining together in meditation, in personal prayer, in thought, in deed, to imagine a better world.

No experience required, only vision.

Mystics have always understood the power of positive intent.  Now science also is saying that thought puts out a vibration and when that signal is grouped, it is amplified.  The question is, what happens when people all over the world focus on the same day on a more perfect planet?

Shelley Yates of http://www.firethegrid.org believes there’s something to that thought and has organized two other global meditations in the past with thousands upon thousands sending out positive energy, all leading to the mediation coming November 11th.  You can find the exact time of the global meditation, to view the “world clock” by CLICKING HERE.

I do think that one thing that is universal is that we will never change this world if we cannot spend even a day imagining that more perfect union together first.  If a million people are willing to imagine with you on November 11th, at 11:11 am, pm or anytime in that 24 hour period, why not make it a million and one?  You may be the voice that throws the planet over the top.

So here’s the challenge… let’s imagine a better world from all our own perspectives on November 11th.  Below is a video of Shelley Yates of firethegrid.org talking about how the global mediation and intent for 11.11.11 works.

This video of Shelley speaking is just over 20 minutes.

Here is Shelley speaking this October about her far out journey and the power of meditation from her point of view.  Her truth is hers, there are things I take from it and other things I don’t, whatever rings true, feel free to take what you will if you have 2 hours to chill, find you resonated with Shelley and want to watch this longer presentation.

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