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Birth of A New Dream

Two people recommended the link to the blog below to me in the same day.  I think it worth sharing as I send out a Happy Thanksgiving to you.  As I think of all the things I’m so grateful for on this day, all the moments, I reflect on the words below in hopes of holding that feeling within every day to come.

Titled “Birth of a New Dream”, the author discusses the awakening sense of the power of true self.  An Excerpt:

“Choose to be deeply rooted within your faith that all can only be well. Choose to act upon that with your words and deeds, and choose to let those reassure you and grow your faith even more. For your future is literally here in this very moment, Beloved, and from it you grow into your next moment, which grows the next, which grows all of the moments. Together they are you, the Being, expanding in Love, only and ever and always in Love.”

Here’s the link to the full blog:


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