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Happy 2012!
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Hey wow, look at the time.  It’s 2012!  Okay so I’m late.

This is the first time I’ve posted this year 2012.  There’s a variety of reasons for this i won’t bore you with here.  Part of the reason that you may actually be interested in is that I’m putting together a new companion page to this website called, which will be devoted to my dream journal and meditations and any insights I can share.  I will go live with that soon and start excerpting entries here as well.

But more than that, I haven’t posted as I wasn’t sure how I wanted to start off 2012 in terms of Waking Universe.  There are so many different things that could be talked about these days.

There’s a lot of debate about what the year 2012 means.  Is it a good or bad thing?

Well, from a Chinese perspective, it’s the year of the Black Water Dragon, which portends great mystical transformation and potential for good fortune.

They Mayans, the Hopis, the Hindus and many other ancient cultures believed that this year was a year of final exams basically, a time to wrap up old karma and decide whether we wanted to keep playing the same old games or make new ones.

It was about facing our shadow selves, our own fears, and overcoming them through compassion, forgiveness and most of all, love.

As I’ve said elsewhere, the Mayan calendar didn’t mark 2012 as the end of their world, yet more accurately a global change to a new beginning, a shedding of the skin of old.

2012 astrologically and astronomically speaking, represents the exact half way mark between galactic night and galactic day, where we have just hit the exact half way mark and started to come into the “daylight” energies of the galactic center that will last another 13,000 years of good vibes.

What this translates as for a lot of philosophers, mediums and new agers of all kinds is a raising of vibration on the planet, a time when the old energy of negativity, greed and fear get a lot harder to carry around.

Another words, if we can defeat our own fears, recognizing them as parts of ourselves there only for our own growth, then the sky’s the limit.

Anyway you look at it, if you simply look at what’s going on in the newspapers, you see that now is a time to get off of the fence and live our life more fully.  The old comfortable jobs aren’t there anymore, it’s not a good time to be a dictator anywhere in the world, churches, corporations and governments seem to deal near daily with new scandals and corruption coming to light.  It seems that people are waking up to the fact that their problems, everything from economic to climate based to social, go beyond borders and that the green love that has ruled the world throughout the industrial age is losing it’s luster and showing it’s tarnish as across every spectrum and border protests become the norm.

Most important to note, however, no matter how we look at 2012, is the mood going into it.

It is not a mood of recklessness, hopelessness and despair.  Instead, it is a time of people staking claim to their own personal power.  It’s a time of community building on a wider scale.  It’s a time for recognizing that we are all in this boat together, with the same issues and hopes.

Like the song sahys, it is the age of Aquarius.  To steal a cliche, “love is in the air.”

I personally believe that we can make changes to our lives at any time and that 2012 simply represents a time period when a lot of people are thinking about change, and that alone creates great power that can be harnessed for personal transformation.

2012 to me represents a great opportunity to claim our true capacity for joy, simply because we make it so.  It is absolutely, positively, all about listening to and following and opening up our hearts.  The more we can focus less on our heads and more on our hearts, the greater that will resonate both  in our own lives and in the world entire.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.  We made it, we’re alive at the turning of the ages.

Happy 2012.

Enjoy this uplifting 22 minute video by Lee Harris.

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