All You Need Is Love

“There’s nothin’ you can make that can’t be made”… “nothin’ you can know that isn’t known”… “nothin’ you can see that isn’t shown”…

All You Need Is Love

2 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love

  1. Yes LOVE,

    What does love mean to you ? It has many interpretation and practicing.
    Each religion has it’s own message about what love is.
    I think IT is the most important question , and it is worth while to think about and if found the right answer or close to it ( TRUTH = LOVE ) , PRACTICE IT.

  2. Hi Susan!! Thank you for quest for truth and LOVE!! Hope , faith, and love…..and the greatest of these is LOVE!! When we feel it around us we know!! It is so energizing, full of the new!
    Have a wonderful day today Susan!!

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