The End?

“When I know a thing, I don’t need to believe it.”

Carl Jung was and remains the most respected psychoanalyst in modern times.  A whole field of psychology has risen around his early pioneering work.  Below is a rare filmed interview with this master of human consciousness, speaking about where we end and our consciousness begins.

“it’s quite interesting to watch what consciousness does when threatened with it’s complete end.  It disregards it.  Life behaves as if it shall go on.  …Consciousness is intending to do.  It doesn’t mean it proves something, it is simply so.”

2 thoughts on “The End?

  1. Psychoanalyst “philosopher” Like Carl Jung,
    Without thinkers like him our whole universe “known by the human mind” would collapsed a long time ago.
    Each human being has the obligation to THINK WITH HIS MIND AND HEARTH.

  2. Yesteday Lance Mungia and I talked on film about Carl Jung and the extraordinary process of spiritual emergence and emergency he went through, which was the basis for the whole of his subsequent work. Watch this space for details of the interview!

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