Of Human Hubris And Hope

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This video below is a speech by Miss Kokoro Fujinami, age 15, at an anti-nuke rally at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo on February 11, 2012, where approximately 12,000 people participated.  You will need to press the CC button at the bottom of the youtube player to read the english subtitles.   Wow.

Kokoro Fujinami, 15 years old, is a Japanese singer, TV personality and an author, who has been active in anti-nuclear movement since 3.11. For some of her personal accounts after the earthquake/tsunami disaster and the nuclear accident, please go to:

The song she sings at the end of her speech is called “Furusato” meaning “Home,” a beloved song in Japan. Since 3.11, it takes on a special meaning for the Japanese all around the world: for those living abroad and cannot come back home… for those whose hometowns were shattered by tsunami… for those who have lost their loved ones through the disaster… for those who are forced to live away from home because of radiation. And for those of us in Japan who fortunately escaped such tragedies, this song is a reminder of the fact that the landscapes which look the same as before are actually not the same anymore.

“Furusato” sung by a chorus, with the English subtitles and some beautiful Japanese scenery is here:

You can hear Placido Domingo sing this song in Japanese language when he held a concert in Tokyo on April 10, 2011:

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