Nothing Is Written

In a comment to my previous post “Your Job Is To Create Coherence”, my friend Susan brought up a very good point about being optimistic for the future and the fact that at times our current culture and way of life has created dogmatic ways of thinking that remove our self determined destiny from our own pervue.

Her comment and this being Earth Day, a day we should be taking more personal responsibility for our realities both personal and collective as they relate to this blue marble we hold in our hands, got me thinking about our personal power to affect the collective status quo.

It’s so tempting and easy to say, “why bother” on so many occasions.

It’s tempting to forget we have quite awesome personal power over our own immediate and collective environment and how much our actions can tip the balance of what happens to the planet that supports our very being.

Too often we resign ourselves to fate.  We tell ourselves that problems are too big or that we must continue to do things the way they’ve always been done simply because… well… that’s the way of things and who are we to change them.

There’s an island of plastic in the middle of the Pacific the size of TEXAS, what could we ever do about that?

Seasons are so out of whack mother nature looks like it’s playing pin the tail on the donkey, what could we ever do about that?

The entire Gulf of Mexico is a mixture of dead fish, chemical retardant and crude oil, what can we POSSIBLY do about that?!

Or maybe we placate ourselves by saying, “change happens slowly.  I won’t see things change in my lifetime, there’s simply too much to do to change it.”

Yet time and time again throughout history, this hypothesis has been proven wrong.

Yes, for whatever reason these days we expect change to be long and slow and arduous.  Instead of looking for a cure we gladly accept a band aid and don’t even bother to consider that maybe the person selling the band aid for billions may just have a reason to keep that cure seemingly farther and farther away, when in fact, all you may have to do really is just let the wound air out a bit in the light of day and you’d be good to go in no time.

Perhaps we don’t realize in the Western world that we hold awesome tools of communication, connection, power and control that have never before been imagined in the history of humankind?

Don’t we realize that the most powerful countries on the planet are not the ones that have the biggest armies, the highest body counts, the biggest reserves of natural resources, but instead the most libraries, the best lines of communication and commerce, the most well educated populations?

You see, propaganda was created not in dictatorships as you may think, but instead in democracies, because dictators can just hang or shoot the people they disagree with.  The only way you can convince the people of a democracy that they have no power to affect great change in the world is by making them THINK they have no power. Thus the need for the propaganda machine, and all the meaningless blah that comes with.

I will tell you something I sometimes have to remind myself of and we’d both be well advised to remember it.  If we’re sitting somewhere comfortably over this passage, we’re somewhere where we have absolute power to affect change in our reality and there’s a good chance we haven’t realized it yet.   We’re living in a modernized world where you, yes you, even all by yourself, have perhaps more resources at your disposal every day than the entire populations of some other nations right now.

You have the ability to let your voice be heard.  You have the ability to research information and discern for yourself.  You have the entire Library of Congress, Netflix, Youtube, the History of The World at your fingertips, a keystroke away.  You are one Facebook or Twitter update from 100 friends that know 10,000 friends that know a million.

Sure, the machine will throw so much crap at you that it’s information overload, hoping that will keep you as sedated as no information at all.

That should make you feel at least a bit differently about all the time you spend browsing past all the crazy cat photos your friend’s post on their Facebook pages.  It’s comforting to exist in a sea of trivia.

Yet, imagine if everyone on your favorite social network, just for a day, decided to do just one thing for the environment.  Maybe just one day everyone should pick up a piece of trash or walk somewhere instead of driving.  We could all do that, right?

But, naw, that’s not what I’m saying.  I’m not talking about picking up trash or walking to the gym today, although that’d be great if you can do it.  I’d rather challenge you to look inside yourself today and ask yourself what you really believe.  I’d ask you to take responsibility for your beliefs and your world, the things you can control and can’t, both inner and outer, in whatever way makes sense to you.  I’d challenge you to not just throw your hands up with the usual excuses and sense of victimhood or oblivion, but instead dig deeper to connect to the most positive source you can that you can tap into that allows you to realize something can be done and that something can start within your own attitude about yourself and how you relate to the world right now, in this moment, in this reality.  Now.

I challenge you to visualize a better outcome and take on a positive energy that benefits this Earth we live on, somehow, anyhow.  Whether that becomes external or not is up to you, the most important part is internalizing the feeling that a better outcome for this planet and for you is possible.  I don’t care what you visualize.    See something completely, totally… you.

Whatever you see, however you see it, will benefit the entire earth much more than the three year old coke bottle I guilt you into picking up on the roadside and which you promptly forget about again as soon as it hits the recycle bin.

The most, most important thing to remember, is YOU.  ARE.  NOT.  ALONE.  You’re not operating in a void.  It’s not up to you to clean up the plastic island in the Pacific.  It’s not even up to you to sit around all day stressing over it.  Yes, that’s an absolute travesty and tragedy.  Yet, the weight of the world isn’t on your shoulders.  All you have to do is start the ball, or pass the ball on, or cheer the ball, by visualizing a goal.  If you can SEE the planet as healed, as better, as cleaner, if you can believe it to be possible and true, you’ll find all sorts of interesting ways to make it so, one way or another.

Maybe that’s magic, maybe its psychology, or maybe it’s wishful thinking.  But if it may work, isn’t it worth looking within to try?

For Earth Day, untether yourself from the nightly news, the gossip, the blame game, whatever it may be, quietly, softly enough to close your eyes for a minute or five to look inside and imagine.

Meditate, Pray, Veg out, do whatever you do.

All it takes is one inner realization…

Nothing is written.

Yes, that’s right.  You heard me.  There is no outcome other than the one you choose to see and create.

Whatever you think is written, is not written, unless you’re the one writing it.  Change isn’t slow and generational and far away and hard.  It can be easy.  It can be fun.  It can be a group activity.  It is most assuredly within your own mind, spirit and soul right now waiting to be dusted off and uncovered beneath the dustbin of your daily pessimism.

That doesn’t mean that everything you envision will go down just as you want it to.  Oh, no, certainly not.  This isn’t a self help book I’m advocating either.  It’s about the vibe you’re putting out that creates the space for something better, maybe even better than you imagine.  Even as you write, the universe may do the rewrite for you.  The feeling will be the outcome and mayhap the orange fairies pushing brooms across the bottom of the sea you envision in a late night contact high may turn out to be nanotech rovers developed at Cal Tech, but the world will be better off for your positive envisioning of a brighter future nonetheless.

In a movie I enjoy called “Lawrence of Arabia”, Lawrence crosses a desert deemed impossible to be crossed, thus saving a man others would say should be, in fact is “written” to be dead.   By being equal to fate, Lawrence thought that he was master of his own destiny, only to eventually realize that the universe had other even greater plans.  His vision had legs far beyond himself.

Thus that great line, “Nothing is written.”

As the Global Coherence Initiative I talked about i my previous post is proving, imagining change isn’t just the realm of opinion makers and politicians and celebrities. We all can tap into the field of change internally first and foremost and manifest that change both within and without.  The within we can control, the without, we can only feel our way toward, which is where faith comes in.

What we think and feel about an issue matters but at the end, it becomes about faith. Controlling our thought processes is the first step to real change.  Real change is a habit waiting to happen and that only occurs when we believe it and have faith to keep believing it.  We make it real within first, we have to trust the rest will follow.

If this takes an ability to look beyond the rational into the realm of the starry eyed optimistic or the outright mystical and spiritual, so be it.  Be an objective optimist yes, be a discerning mystic most certainly.  Your truth is yours alone and you’ll never be able to change your old Aunt Vera who thinks that anybody that recycles is a tree hugging hippie. We will never “fight” our way to a better, cleaner planet, but we may dream our way there.

When we get tangled in words like “fight”, our focus on the negative traps us in the conflict and diffuses our momentum and energy.  The phrase “turn the other cheek” takes on new meaning when you look at all the effort you’d have to spend locked in a blood feud with the guy who’s dog pooped on your lawn while you could’ve instead been digging the lawn up in favor of a sustainable garden complete with ready made organic fertilizer.

It seems that what we observe and how we observe it actually can create a tangible effect on an outcome.  In labs scientists have shown this by expecting a particle to land in a certain location and having their expectations met again and again, yet only when they’re observing  and expecting it.

In mass meditations expecting a lowered crime rate or some other outcome, we find statistical evidence of outcomes again and again.

Even in expecting a glass of water to taste better by sending love and gratitude to it, scientists have actually found that our intention actually can create a tangible difference not only in the taste, but in the actual structure of the water crystals themselves, which become more complex and beautiful when given the right emotional intention.

Another great line, “As above, so below.” Or, “As within, so without.” I believe that is the concept being discovered by scientists working in the field of quantum physics and other like fields, as well as the major thoughts behind some very ancient texts and the words of some very ancient and wise masters.

No matter what we choose to expect, we’ll be right every time.

Again, Sunday is Earth Day and there is a major meditation scheduled to send good vibes out to our Earth in order to help the planet’s environment.  You can find out about this specific event for Earth Day at this link:…

Spread the word about the Global Coherence Initiative by joining them on Facebook and sharing the link.


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  1. How to find peace within?
    When we talk about positiveness , it does not mean to turn away, from what is happening around us. Each of us has the ability to help according to our given circumstances.
    We should do our best, and at the end of the day with a clean consciousness, we have PEACE WITHIN.

  2. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.
    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

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