Waking Universe Episode One: Susan Dobay

I’m proud to announce the first episode of Waking Universe, where we will be speaking with interesting folks that are bridging the world of science and spirit to find ways that bring us together.

Susan Dobay is a woman of many faces.  She is a student of life that expresses the fundamental questions we all ask at one time or another through a lifetime of art.  She’s been producing her art for over 40 years, since she and her husband Endre escaped from cold war Hungary.  Her work has been seen all around the world and I’m honored to feature her as the first interview for our new television series also seen on Time/Warner cable.

I’ve come to know Susan and Endre over the last few years and I am constantly amazed by their energy, enthusiasm and youth.  Susan is an inspiration I hope will rub off on you as easily as she did on me.  In this episode Susan talks about her latest work, “Impressions of China”.  After a recent visit to China Susan decided to use digital photo integration and manipulation techniques to highlight her feelings about a culture at a crossroads.

With much love I present the first installment of “Waking Universe: The Series”.


Lance a.k.a. Another Version of You.

It’s taken a bit of time to build the introductory sequence and put all the pieces together. Upcoming we will be featuring Waking Universe interviews with the author of “In Case of Spiritual Emergency” Catherine G. Lucas, visionary entrepreneur and owner of Siddhatech flower essences Geoffrey Greenspan, author of  the channeled text “I Am The Word” Paul Selig, and an interview with noted channeler Darryl “Bashar” Anka.

2 thoughts on “Waking Universe Episode One: Susan Dobay

  1. Hi Lance,
    I want to introduce you to Kelly Kolodney who has been channeling the Angel Raphael for the past 23 years. Her work has been documented in the book The Healing Consciousness by Dr. Beth Dupree. I think you should consider interviewing Kelly. I believe the messages of the Angel Raphael would fit nicely with what you are working to accomplish with the Waking Universe. I didn’t see a way to contact you privately so if you would like more information about Kelly please let me know!

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