What’s your “What if”?

Most of us are waiting for something, anything, outside ourselves to define us. Our possessions. Our status. Our beliefs. Our religion. Which superhero, deity or demon will we create to swoop down and either save or sink us?

Well… what if now was the time to face all our own creations? What if now was the time to take full responsibility from a place love and forgiveness for them and as some believe, step off the wheel of karma once and for all as a result? What if now was the time to change the things that would consume our reality both imagined and not with a healthy mix of faith and imagination?

What if it was okay to believe in magic and wonder again?

What if the only one coming to save the day, was you? What if… You. Are. God?

What if you could stand on the street corner, look into the eyes of any and everyone that passes by and see your own divinity reflected back at you and all it took was to be brave enough to look into the eyes of the sprawled out homeless man with no shoes the same as the the Armani clad executive darting aside on his smartphone or the screaming housewife angry at the world?

What if there were no more “what ifs” and you could simply say, “I Am The Word” and know that you really were what that means, which is divinity in motion, the aspect of the creator that can be manifested in form and that is instilled in everybody and everything and subject only to it’s own power to imagine it’s own transcendence.

(I wrote the above awhile back in Paul Selig’s Waking Universe TV intro for a previous post.)  I stumbled across it somewhere and was in the mood to share it again.    Click here for “I Am The Word” and “Book of Love and Creation”, Paul’s powerful books share the above philosophy.  “Book of Love and Creation” is also an audio book.  I recommend them both highly for expanding your universe and mastering your reality.

Here’s Paul’s episode if you missed it.

One thought on “What’s your “What if”?

  1. Hey Lance,

    Another wonderful interview you did. I commented on the last one with Daryl (Bashar), and I feel you get a really good mood and feeling in your interviews. Good to watch, and this one was really interesting. A new way of channeling I haven’t seen before.

    Seems like the layers between dimensions are getting thinner, and that different “channels” are more open and that we start to get more receptive for this information.

    Could I contact you about a documentary I’m working on? If that’s okay, and you have time, just send me an email. You have my address in admin 🙂

    Thanks, stay well. Later.

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