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Your Job Is To Create Coherence.










In the midst of a meditation some weeks back, an image of a spiralling vortex crossed the landscape of my mind.  in the center of the vortex was a T shaped cross hair, like in some video game.  When I concentrated on the T, it turned from gray to bright green.  A voice in my mind’s eye said, “your job is to create coherence.”

I came out of the dreamlike meditation with sort of a chuckle.  What was that supposed to mean? Considering I’d had my share of chaotic days at work, I supposed that description may fit.

A few days later I completely randomly stumbled across the Global Coherence Initiative.  Funded by a group of deeply pocketed philanthropists worldwide, they’ve been quietly beginning one of the grandest experiments humankind has ever known, thanks to modern technology, ancient wisdom and a lot of hutzpa.

The find gave me an entirely different, much broader perspective on the concept of “creating coherence”.

The theory behind the initiative, put forth by some of the greatest scientists, philosophers and philanthropists of our time, is that the emotions we conduct through our hearts actually affect the global field of consciousness that binds us all and can create intense personal and collective changes on the planet, hopefully for the better.

Not only are we what we think, we are able to affect the greater reality with what we feel.  By making our reality more coherent inside, we somehow magically remake our outer reality to match.

Apparently the effect is greatly, greatly magnified when the vibes are put out in a group setting.

For example, recent experiments with 7000 people mediating an hour daily for a month to lower the crime rate in Seattle did so by a tremendous amount.

In reading books like “The Field”, you can check out the scientific research that shows that intense mental focus, especially on a group level, does indeed create a scientifically measurable change in the world, visible through changes in social and crime patterns in a given area where focus is created, as well as in random number generators placed in science labs worldwide that change in inexplicable ways during times of mass focus like 9/11, the funeral of princess Di, and even the Oscars.

The folks behind the Global Coherence Initiative have been putting up satellites around the world to monitor the electromagnetic fields of the planet, to see how things like mass mediations focused on positive outcomes of world events change the tangible field of energy that surrounds us.  What they’ve learned about how connected we are and how our thoughts create change already is astounding.

You can join in on this experiment by going to and finding out how you can be involved.  They have a wonderful website that allows you to meditate at specific times of the day with groups of people all over the earth on a specific subject.  You can even see who you’re meditating with via google earth if you like.

Sunday is Earth Day and there is a major mediation scheduled to send good vibes out to our Earth in order to help the planet’s environment.  You can find out about this specific event for Earth Day at this link:

Spread the word about the Global Coherence Initiative by joining them on Facebook and sharing the link.

2 thoughts on “Your Job Is To Create Coherence.

    After reading this writing, I am optimistic about the survival of our planet and humanity.
    If people are learning , and excepting the power of thought , they will realize how important to take responsibility to control their own thoughts which will influence the collective well being or collective destruction.
    Unfortunately most organized religions almost demands the unconditional fate and forbids of rational thinking. It is easier for religious leaders , to manipulate the blind believer to follow the direction which they dictate. I think we need both FATE AND THOUGHT.

  2. In a movie I enjoy called “Lawrence of Arabia” there is a great line, which reads, “Nothing is written.” I would rewrite the line to read, “Everything can be written, but not everything is worth re-writing.”

    It takes coherent thought and emotion and tangible work to create a different path. Sometimes it takes group consensus in a world of differing opinions. Yet, using the opinions of others as determiners of our global fate is a trick. More powerful than any consensus, it takes one person to envision a better world in their mind’s eye first and make it real to themselves so that others can then see it as reality.

    As the Global Coherence Initiative is proving, imagining change isn’t just the prevue of opinion makers and politicians and celebrities. We all can tap into the field of change internally first and foremost and manifest that change both within and without.

    To often we let others do our thinking for us. We let the news tell us the way it is. We let leaders tell us who to hate or champion. We let industry tell us what to eat or wear.

    All of these things we do by rote, with an almost religious zeal simply because that’s how it’s been done before and before that too. We become dogmatic as dogs too old to be taught new tricks.

    We fear being different, being alone, being, heaven forbid… ourselves.

    Yet, as soon as we realize that in our lack of love and respect for our own thoughts and emotions and goals we have been abdicating our own personal authority over the outcome of our reality, then we reclaim our own ability to gain back control of that reality.

    From there, the only limit to our own power is really our own imaginations and our own power to love.

    Another great line, “As above, so below.” Or, “A within, so without.” I believe that is the concept being discovered by scientists working in the field of quantum physics, as well as the major thoughts behind some very ancient texts and the words of some very ancient and wise masters.

    Religions can create dogma which leads to a lack of questions. Religion can also be a wonderful way to tap into something much greater and more powerful than ourselves. Religions can be the institutional knowledge that allows us to stand on the shoulders of giants and springboard from there.

    It depends on where you see yourself in relation to your faith. Dogma can allow you to not have to ask yourself that. It tells you others have figured it out for you, so just go along to get along.

    Dogma is the ritualization of a message and the allowance for others to do our thinking for us, which can lead to either oppression or victimization, the prevention of the ability to thrive, both as it pertains to others or to ourselves. That creation of a lack of ability to thrive, is in my opinion, sin if anything is.

    We can think ourselves into very bad predicaments just as easily as we can think our way out of them. We can feel ourselves in a better world and create that world just as easily as we can create more and more barriers and fear and loathing and expect that nothing will be different, and of course then get just what we expected to see.

    No matter what we choose to see, we’ll be right every time.

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