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Laws of Physics were made to be broken.

You know that old saying about how as you get older it seems like time passes more quickly, or time flies when you’re having fun, or nothing can surpass the speed of light… well, think again Einstein.  Scientists at the CERN lab, (Short for people smarter than you or me or apparently Einstein), have found that certain particles called neutrinos (no relation to calories even though they sound like a healthier brother), can travel faster than light, thus throwing our entire system of natural laws into disarray and allowing you to claim that you didn’t deserve that D in physics class.

Science has known for awhile that time is not a constant.  An atomic clock at ground level ticks at a different speed than if it’s a mile up in orbit.  It all depends upon gravity, which actually changes the speed at which time flows believe it or not, thus that Twilight Zone episode where the dude comes back from a trip in space like a young man to meet the girl of his dreams, now an old lady.  Also proving to you that on that wonderous first date time flew and on that disastrous blind date time absolutely stood still.  The further we are from the vibrations of gravity, the more slowly the frequency of time vibrates.  Any scientist worth their Morton’s Salt would tell you that gravity is about the only thing that can bend light, trap light or slow time… until yesterday.  Now, the game is afoot yet again my dear Watt-son.

If neutrinos can move faster than the speed of light, then that breaks the rules about how possible interplanetary travel is, for one.  It means that workarounds could exist to the rules we think we know and that all that talk of it being impossible to reach another planetary system within a thousand years is bunk.   It could mean that things like time and space don’t have to work in the established playground of gravity and the velocity of light as measurements.

In other words it could actually mean that there are other forces in the universe besides gravity that could affect the way time itself and our perception of it operates.  It would mean that everything is more “relative” than Einstein led us to believe.  What if instead of just gravity affecting time, emotion could do the same thing?  What if time REALLY DID stand still the first time you kissed your true love?  What if time ACTUALLY RACED BY the first time your five year old got stung by a spider and you took her crying to the emergency ward?  If it sounds far fetched you’ve never lived either of those two events.

A more flexible understanding of the Laws of Physics could even mean that space and time are less the theory of Relativity that Einstein proposed and more “a relative” that we can either befriend or alienate, find either annoying at the annual Christmas social like old menthol reeked Auntie Flo or a true joy to behold and pass the afternoon with like ol’ gentle eyed Grandpa Denny who smelled like a mix of chaw and Old Spice and always could make you smile regardless of any scrape and taught you how to use an electric razor by taking the blades out first.

The Mayans and Hopis, (who lived thousands of miles apart and never as far as we know interacted, both believed as the Earth moves directly in line with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy in 2012, an event that occurs only every 26,000 years, massive changes in how we perceive and even create reality would occur.  Don’t ask me how they knew that, but through their mysterious ways and myths they did understand the concepts of orbits, galaxies, and more.  In fact, the Mayans have predicted every solar eclipse from thousands of years ago to today within 30 seconds of accuracy and built major pyramids directly to line up with the planet’s poles and specific stars, go figure.

At any rate, however they did it, both cultures figured that the very vibration of the entire planet would be speeding up as we came into alignment with the gravitational and magnetic center of the galaxy (and yes it is an astronomically proven fact that there will actually be this “galactic alignment” they… (actually specifically the Mayans as the Hopi were more vague) predicted correctly to occur at 11:11 a.m. GMT on December 21st, 2012).  The Mayans and Hopi and many other aboriginal cultures also believed that at that crucial juncture the planet would be bombarded with such rare and intense cosmic energy that things like time and distance and the speed at which things travel would lose all meaning leaving what, again from their view, was the only true constant that exists, more solidly than any other type of pull… consciousness.  That’s right, the 60 dollar cigar, the big prize, “The Field”, “The Secret”, the grand poo ba of “you are what you think.”

All perceptions of reality,  according to these two ancient cultures, would right about now eventually become internal and personal, thus forcing us to live in a reality we choose to co-create for ourselves.  Their warning passed down to us was the same as your doctor’s and your mom’s, “Just relax and don’t forget to breath.  Don’t stress out because you live in what you create.  Live in fear and it will compound around you.  Live in joy and the world is your oyster.”

They didn’t see this time period of 2012 as the end of the world, THAT’s a myth created by somebody trying to sell you something or steal your wallet.  They instead saw it as a brand new beginning of a new and more golden age.  They, or maybe more likely the modern day interpreters of the Mayans, have called the process leading up to this vibrational change “the quickening.”  (It’s also a term from Highlander I think.  Maybe Highlander ripped the Mayans off, or vice versa.)

Mainstream science would scoff at the idea that time could lose all meaning, but then again, maybe they never had to sit in Mr. Gardener’s sixth grade science class.  I don’t know about you, but a day sure ain’t worth what it used to be when I was eight and it sure seems like the daylight is speeding by.

Click here for a link to a video from the Chicago Tribune about those scientists at CERN discovering that our idea of what is possible in our reality has been totally shattered.

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