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A Giant Leap – What About Me?

earthinhandsA GIANT LEAP.
You stand at a precipice perceived, standing between you and the dictates of time, vision and imagination.  It is a chasm we have collectively created that begs  basic fundamental questions…
What keeps us together?  What pulls us apart?  What is the universal language that binds us?
Love?  Music?  Thought?  Action? Compassion?
There is a void in each of us when we fool ourselves into believing we are are alone, cut off, different, whenever we feel there is a void to be filled in the first place.  We are addicted to need, without realizing that we’ve had the answers all along in our own hearts.  We want more, more more.  We take it all personally.
Yet, there is no such thing as more of me, or you.   There’s only how much of ourselves we can realize while we have the imagination to do so.
I invite you to watch a brilliant documentary with me about what it means to be human and what it takes to be honest with ourselves about who we are, what our place in this world is, and how we can embrace our connection to our own inner lives as well as our own connection to the greater world beyond our noses.
More of a tone poem, a brilliant musical dance by some truly profound thinkers and artists about embracing the true power and nature of our humanity one moment at a time than just a documentary, nevertheless great stuff that can change your world.  It may not be available at this link forever, so I highly recommend you click on the link below while you can and you won’t regret it.–What-About-Me-

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  • Thank you for sharing this documentary. The message is great, and the music is phenomenal!

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