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Stuff that may or may not require you to suspend belief long enough to change it.

Spirit Art.  Michaal Parry has in depth conversations with the deceased.  His wife Marti actually draws them for you as this happens.  It’s the most amazing proof out there that there is something much more than meets the eyes about the paranormal.  Their website, the testimonials and portfolio page in particular are amazing.  Click here for Spirit Art.

Michael Parry’s blog about he and Marti’s facinating adventures from beyond is http://www.mysticmike-mysticmike.blogspot.com/

http://evolvingbeings.com/  Evita Ochel’s website for consciousness expansion and heart centered living.  I enjoy her attention to detail, her matter of fact honesty and the simple way of presenting massive concepts.


http://www.kryon.com/k_freeaudio.html  Lee Caroll, or Kryon, puts all his audio talks, often to crowds of 10 or 20,000 people all over the world, up online for FREE.  He doesn’t advertise other than his site and word of mouth.  Call it what you will, but Kryon’s been ahead of the curve with where science and spririt meet for decades, and he’s an eternal optimist with an absolute creative brilliance at parables for the plight of what it means to be human, spot on at giving humanity a closer look from a higher perspective.  He speaks often with emotion, humility, and always with great care to be positive and enlightening.

http://www.paulselig.com/  Author of the book “I Am The Word”, probably one of the most profound works about personal empowerment and spirit that you can find.  When you’re ready for it, it can change everything.






http://tomkenyon.com/  Tom Kenyon, also featured under health for his healing and under conscious living for his audio meditation aids, also does trance work with a group called the Hathors and for many years has created work that is smart, inventive and inspiring.  Interesting cat.

http://www.orindaben.com/  They wrote the book on channelling, literally.

Archive of Edgar Cayce Readings  I would mention Mr. Cayce every chance I get.  An absolutely vast search index at the link for the collected readings of by far the most prolific and well documented trance psychic in modern history, who for over 30 years diagnosed disease, foretold events both mundane and miraculous of our past, present and future.  They called him the Sleeping Prophet, but if you need someone, anyone to wake you up to the fact that there are things in this world that go beyond our mundane understanding of reality, Cayce’s your guy.   He literally is responsible for founding entire fields of medicine and surgical technique, all while sleeping on his couch in Virginia.   Out of this world incredible.

http://ozarkmt.com/index.html  Publishing company operated by Dolores Cannon, who accesses the same level of hypnotic trance that Cayce did by regressing 1000’s of people to their deepest level of consciousness.  Dolores was a Navy housewife until her husband passed and she started a new career as a hypnotherapist.  She has uncovered some amazing things in the years since based on the many case histories as laid out in her engaging and practical books like the Convoluted Universe series.

The Yonaguni Ruins  A little known yet blowmind structure several hundred feet under the ocean off the coast of Japan.  Some archeologists say it’s natural rock formations because they have been underwater at least since the last ice age circa 12,000 years ago, yet it is some of the most visually stunning underwater images ever.   Could water over rock create such structures?  You decide.




What Is The Aura And How To Read It

How To Program A Crystal


A Memo from J. Edgar Hoover Regarding UFO at Roswell 1947



Homemade UFO’s




http://alignment2012.com/index.html  John Major Jenkins website, one of the foremost researchers of ancient Mayan culture.



http://www.greggbraden.com/  A pioneer with a unique perspective on the Divine Matrix.


http://www.maya12-21-2012.com/  Home of the ultimate movie on 2012.



http://theresonanceproject.org/research/scientific  Nassim Haramein and the torus and Unified Field Theory.


Web bots predictions  Predicted 911 pretty convincingly.  All predictions start to zero out March 2012.






http://www.sedonacreativelife.com/index.html  Cool place if you ever get to visit.


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