Got aura?  Maybe if you squint real hard you can tell.  Or maybe if you just sniff, depending on what you had for lunch or whether you once killed a man in Reno.

But seriously, y’know how sometimes the world just feels like it’s closing in on you, you feel like you can’t breath… what do you?  It seems like a cliche to say, “picture yourself surrounded by an impenetrable bubble of light, but you know what, whether it’s psychological, crazy talk, the light of God, Chi, Ki,  lifeforce, whatever you want to call it, it’s fascinating to think about and discuss.

Your aura is a provably scientific thing.  Certain cameras and spectrums of light can pick it up.  Everyone and everything has a field of energy around at all times and that is fact.  Be it lectro-magnetic or something else.  Also just like you can pick up a cold due to stress or take a watch a funny or inspiring movie and feel refreshed, many people believe energy around you can also be enhanced or depleted depending upon circumstances, environment, attitude, even dependent upon what you eat and what you think.

Maybe your aura needs a good cleansing, think about that the next time you’re at the car wash paying for that extra turtle wax.  Maybe the colors that you should be protecting are your own?


Learn some more about auras by clicking here and really light up the room at your next high school reunion.

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