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Buddha and the Gas Pump

What if energy was free, in infinite supply, and without any pollution whatsoever?  What if you never needed to “gas up” your car, except when you serviced it every 4 years? What if your entire annual household electricity needs could be run with power generated from a thimble of sea water in your basement?
Would it take a hundred years to reach that goal?  Would it take a thousand?  Would it ever be feasible?
What if I told you that technology had been available for at least the last twenty years to do all that and far more, and it had simply been ignored for all that time?  That is what 60 Minutes reported in 2009 anyway.
On Cold Fusion.  Say what?  What’s that?  A new competitor to Red Bull?
Uh… yeah.  That’s my point exactly.  It’s the biggest energy advance you never heard of… yet.
Twenty years ago, two brave young scientists came forward to say they’d found a way to create a cold nuclear reaction, without any radioactivity or big booms as a side effect, at room temperature in a process that generated measurably more heat than it took to produce, meaning “zero point” energy, energy from nowhere, from the ethers, from zero.  Instantly, other scientists funded by fossil fuel based corporations and “hot fusion”, aka nuclear energy, came forward to debunk the claims and run the “crackpot mad scientists” out of town, which wasn’t hard since these champions of the status quo were already backed by billions in “green” energy… aka greenbacks, cold, hard, CASH provided by those likes of Exxon, Chevron, Enron and probably any other ron that had a horse in the energy race that wished to keep us hooked to the grid.
With all the money at stake in the energy game, did those two crackpot mad geniuses expect anything less?
That’s how literally hundreds of scientists around the world who have replicated the initial experiment have gone either unfunded, ignored, or bought out and shut up ever since.
But the Pentagon has paid attention.  They’ve been quietly funding research in weapons development using Cold Fusion for years.  So has Exxon and BP and the rons,  y’know, the ones who have made sure you get a nice lube job every time you go surfing these days.
The first problem was that the experiments done with Cold Fusion could not be replicated every time and that fault was exploited.  Even today scientists experimenting with cold fusion say that they can only replicate their own work in about 70 percent of instances.  (Which in itself is still an astounding, miraculous success rate when creating energy from nothing).  They think it’s a problem with “palladium”, a cheap form of metal required to produce the reaction, not being stable enough.  I disagree and theorize that there is no bad ingredient, there is only bad mojo on the part of those mixing the suds.
After reading “The Field”, the real answer to the problem of cold fusion’s stability becomes obvious.   Click here to see my entry on the Field and hear the author Lynne MacTaggart explain in two audio clips from her book how the all encompassing field of consciousness that brings us “zero point energy” works.  Lynne MacTaggart, in The Field, talks about how scientists observing outcomes can often contaminate their own test results simply by the act of observing and expecting a certain outcome.  It’s “the Buddha Factor”.  It’s the power of consciousness.
Scientists have discovered, beyond, or in spite of a shadow of doubt, that when working at a quantum level, at the level of atoms and smaller, consciousness plays a direct outcome, the act of observing can… change things.  So another words, you put a skeptic in the room watching a cold fusion experiment, and that skeptic’s focus on failure makes it a self fulfilled prophecy.
Could consciousness be the missing ingredient in a cold fusion miracle that is right this moment merely waiting for the right people to recognize it and transform the entire planet overnight?
You be the judge.
Below is a very convincing, if not outright astounding 12 minute investigative piece on cold fusion that 60 Minutes did in 2009 and which has been posted to YouTube.  It’s been sitting impatiently, waiting for you to notice it and demand changes to our international energy nightmare.

You don’t have to know it’s possible in detail, all you have to do is open yourself to the possibility.  If those scientists who believe that it’s Buddha that can take away your gas pump are correct, merely the act of you reading this blog and considering the option of free energy as becoming real, is powerful enough to make it so.  As for me, call me an optomist but I believe that everything we will ever need to wean ourselves off pollution and save this planet is already right here on Earth, just waiting for us to pick it up and use it, even if it means standing up to the status quo powers that be that have been making far too much money living off dinosaurs for too long.
In this one issue of energy and the success of things like cold fusion, the wider issue of belief, consciousness, and the co-creation of reality that you and I are working on together right now all takes a sharper focus.
Maybe we should meditate on that the next time we’re paying $50  for a nice juicy tank of world piece.
Oh, and the title of this post comes from a website I just found and really like, it’s called Budda At The Gas Pump, (click here to go there)  and the subtitle of the site is “interviews with ordinary spiritually awakened people.”  I’ve only seen a few interviews on the site but I like the site and it’s host and especially since I stole the title I thought I’d share.


  • Very interesting… it is ironic how these themes play out repeatedly in society. When Nicola Tesla proposed to make electricity free to all people, JB Morgan turned to and invested in Thomas Edison instead, to from General Electric. Tesla was regarded as a mad man during his time and died in relatively modest circumstances.
    When do we free ourselves from corporate greed?

  • Check out “who killed the electric car” on netflix or at the video store. Very enlightening.

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