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Intuitive Readings

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Cristina Mercado is the co-creator of Waking Universe. She is a psychic intuitive and healer who offers assistance in many forms to help release old patterns, cords, and other attachments. Through inner child work, guided meditation and direct intuition she helps clients connect to their guides, thin the veil to spirit and access information that […]


Evolving Being in Action: Lance Mungia

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EVOLVING BEINGS IN ACTION FEATURED GUEST: LANCE MUNGIA “Hi, I’m another version of you.”  That phrase started this site.  It reflects my obsession with bringing to light the ways we’re more alike than apart, more connected by our thoughts than we may think.  I guess it has something to do with connecting to other like […]

Dream Archive

“These Are Samsaras”

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February 2, 13 – 7:35 a.m. I just woke from a dream.  I was in a Japanese city, not the current time but decades earlier. Japanese women in kimonos, a few old men, children, running away down a street. I feel their terror.  Someone they have never seen but fear more than anything else… is […]