Your Job Is To Create Coherence.

                  In the midst of a meditation some weeks back, an image of a spiralling vortex crossed the landscape of my mind.  in the center of the vortex was a T shaped cross hair, like in some video game.  When I concentrated on the T, it turned… Read More

Fire The Grid

Shelley Yates was a typical single mom, trying to raise a young son, unemployed, depressed and stressed. Then one dark and stormy night, on a rural country road, her car skidded on a patch of ice and careened into a freezing creek miles from nowhere. She and her child were trapped inside.  Water rushed in,… Read More


If you need to be inspired, if you need something to do, a place to go, a person to be… watch this video.  Ten minutes can change your life.  Sometimes changing the world starts with a single click.