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  1. When I was a child, playing, I liked to speak in different languages. When I became an adult, I came across a church that taught “speaking in tongues”. In learning and practicing this phenomenon, I would sense a presence, felt love, peace, and developed an unexplained energy. To this day, I can speak to animals and they listen in a way that is different from speaking to them in a typical dialogue, it would comfort them. This happens to with infants, and toddlers…..is there a universal explanation for this other than a religious theory?

  2. I always recommend reading “the Field” by Lynn MacTaggart, who couches such things not in the esoteric but in fields of cutting edge science being done around the globe quite quietly in some major universities and labs for years. The way that we can tap into the field can be very diverse. Yet, as they say, all roads lead to Rome. What works for you, what is true for you, is your truth, and your key to the door. I really believe that what Jesus said about his example being the door, (in the King James version he says “I am the door” but I take that as example and not exclusivity) and his statement that there was no other way in, was referring to that energy of unconditional love that is required to tap into that field of awareness as opposed to him being some sort of gatekeeper, which would play against his teachings really. As soon as religions, groups or individuals start arguing over who has a better technique, who is more “holy”, etc. we get caught at a lower frequency on the emotional spectrum and we are shut out of the “kingdom” so to speak, or the source quantum field, or you name it. It really all is just our connection to our higher selves that contain a wider perspective and connection to higher frequencies. To me, technique is meant to be transcended. It’s a mere tool, a way to better understand just how big we really are, how connected we really are.

    They say the act of the prayer is the act of talking to God, and the act of meditation is the act of listening to the answer. In that regard, anything that can still the mind and bring us into the moment without judgement of our selves or others, puts us into the place where anything is truly possible. There are scientifically measurable effects that can be generated, but it begins with the self and with a sense of worthiness and gratitude and most of all self forgiveness, which can then be shifted outward from there.

    Science and the esoteric philosophies combine to show us we can shift our reality both personal and collective, we can shift future and even past wherever things are not fully set. We do this primarily through imagination linked to emotion. Who are the most imaginative amongst us? When Jesus said, “be like little children”, and “the meek shall inherit the earth”, my opinion is that he was talking about our need to get out of our own way and become unconditional love. Animals and small children feel no need for judgement or blame. They trust and love unconditionally. Only upon growing up do children learn from less informed adults how to judge and how to separate themselves from others via judgement.

    All of these things I’m mentioning, and I could point out correlations in other religious texts besides just the Bible, are simply to point out that our emotional heart connection is what connects us to a scientifically verifiable field that can be influenced in all sorts of ways, a field which in part encompasses the magnetic and other subtle fields of energy that surround the planet. An interesting group that is working on these things from a scientific perspective is the Institute of Heartmath and their Global Coherence Initiative project. They teach techniques that are grounded in basic psychological and scientific understanding and yet have profound esoteric implications as well. They believe that when we generate coherence in our hearts, through our emotional center and mind linking up, we actually profoundly affect the fields of subtle energy around us to the point of not only non verbal communication but potentially globe altering shifts. Once we tap into that field, we have access to all information, like a laptop suddenly connecting to the internet. It is how folks like Edgar Cayce with only an elementary school education could go into a trance and found whole new fields of medicine and diagnose thousands of patients correctly that he had never met before. As long as the drive spins correctly, we can pull what is most required to our brain, which is acting like the processor. We are discovering more and more that this is not only the work of mystics and religions, but the potential for us all.

    Again, all of this is fancy speak for just figuring out a way to get out of our own way and “be like little children”. However we do that, as long as it doesn’t harm others or ourselves, is simply another road leading to the same destination.

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