Extra Terrestrials

There’s hardly a topic more hotly debated or kept more in the closet than life on other planets.   Much like other things kept in the closet, we wonder.  Are they out there?  Are they here?  Have they always been here?  Are you one of them?

How do the little green men of your particular fact or fantasy reality figure into the grand scheme of things?   Does having a technology bordering or surpassing magic mean that you can’t believe in the Divine?  Or would living together as a society long enough to develop such a cool bag of tricks and understanding of technology even be possible without a comparable spiritual connection as well?

Maybe what is missing in the E.T. equation, in all those monster movies with fleets invading from the great beyond to steal our precious bodily fluids or whatever, is the very human element.  The fact that no society would ever survive the age we’re in now if we didn’t manage to somehow think beyond ourselves and find a higher connection that had nothing to do with technology, resources, and war.

It’s easy enough to blow yourself up with a nuke, much less a Solian Death Ray.   You’d think that in order to get past where we are today, we’d have to figure it it’s not all about me me me.

Take the subject as you will but here will be a place to discuss the very real ramifications that statistically speaking life DOES exist out there and just what may happen if it were to come here?

A Memo from J. Edgar Hoover Regarding UFO at Roswell 1947



Homemade UFO’s



2 thoughts on “Extra Terrestrials

  1. I remember seeing Close Encounters of the Third Kind many years ago and it has always been one of my favorite movies in this genre. I thought, how wonderful it would be if I were fortunate enough to experience such a phenomenon. The movie was captivating and I loved it when Richard Dreyfus piled the mashed potatoes on his plate. Many years later, I attended a wedding in which Mr. Dreyfus was part of the grooms family and in attendance. I was excited to see him and thought of the movie, but I also realized that this was more than coincidental. Many years later I read The Celestine Prophesy and realized that it was more than coincidence that Richard Dreyfus and I should be at the same festivity.

    1. I find that if you think about it things like that happen all the time. If you like the Celestine Prophesy you should really check out The Field, which is one of the other posts. I believe the Celestine Prophecy was really onto something when it was talking about how some places, like forests and whatnot, have a natural energy to them. I’m sure we’ve all been somewhere where your energy just feels zapped by being there, and then you go somewhere else and you feel refreshed. There’s another book called Frequency too which I will be reviewing and it’s all about how we put ourselves into a certain vibration with our thoughts and by doing so we call certain thigns to us. Really it’s what the Secret is saying too I suppose. To me, i think synchronicity is like the universe telling you that you’re on the right track.

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