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Fire The Grid


Shelley Yates was a typical single mom, trying to raise a young son, unemployed, depressed and stressed.
Then one dark and stormy night, on a rural country road, her car skidded on a patch of ice and careened into a freezing creek miles from nowhere.
She and her child were trapped inside.  Water rushed in, her heart stopped, she drowned.  So did her son.  They were clinically dead for over 20 minutes.  Yet a series of massive synchronicities ensued to change their fate into a larger destiny.  From that moment on, their lives became testimony to the power of miracles.
During a vision beheld from that near death experience, she saw the symbol that begins this post.  She calls it “Remembrance” and it’s purpose is to remind the viewer that they are consciously connected to a greater reality that they have the power to change based upon the emotional life they focus on and feed into it.
ie. Inner joy begets joy on a grand scale.
She does a good job of telling her story so I’ll let her tell it from there in the below clips.  Her story’s in several parts and you can click on the videos to hear the whole thing if her story strikes you.
In a nutshell, during her near death experience she was shown how the power of consciousness, the ability to look within and imagine the future we want to see, can actually help bring that future into being.  That realization gave her the tools to save her son on his death bed.  It is also because of her experiences and revelations she had during her near death experience that she formed, which is an organization based around the creation of worldwide meditations for peace and the raising of the vibratory frequency of the planet to further what Shelley believes is a great shift taking place across the globe.
Many folks all over the planet are saying one of the most powerful dates we can focus our attention on is the upcoming 11.11.11, a date that occurs only once in our lifetimes, a powerful symbol of illumination and transformation.
I believe this date is powerful if only because so many others have given it power.  Where we place our belief, especially in a group setting, can have powerful results.
Who cares about 11.11.11?  Native Americans across the country will be having sacred meditations and dances all that day to awaken the dormant spirits of the Earth, closing some vortexs of power and opening others.  In India, yogis will be leading mass mediations on that day.  In South America, the Mayans and other natives will be leading powerful prayers on sacred sites.  The aborigines of Australia will be singing songs to wake the masses from a dreamtime they believe has lasted for thousands of years and is now ending.  In the mountains of Arkansas, home of the largest deposits of pure quartz in the world and a place where some believe those properties allow for an amplification of intent, thousands of people from around the world will be gathering to hold hands and welcome in a better world.  Astrologers are saying that 11.11.11 is a day where feelings put into motion and action in the real world are amplified a thousand fold.
Also interestingly, in Los Angeles on 11.11.11, a group of Mayan Elders will be completing a journey that they have taken across North America this last month to awaken holy sites from coast to coast, in a land they believe plays a central role in helping to awaken the rest of the planet in the coming months and years.  These 13 Mayan Elders are fulfilling an ancient prophecy of their people, each one carrying with them a sacred “Crystal Skull” revered for untold generations and carved by their ancestors.  Their culmination gathering in Los Angeles brings these 13 skulls together for the first time in hundreds of years, completing prophecy that says that when this event occurs, it will signal a new awakening of consciousness on the planet, and the dawn of the 5th Golden Age.
Click here to learn more about the Mayans Elders coming to L.A. on 11.11.11
Click here for even more info on the L.A. 11.11.11 event with the 13 Crystal Skulls and Mayan Elders
I personally believe, no matter where you are, no matter what the day, whenever we are investing belief in something, especially when it is done in a focused, group setting, our personal power combines and the vibe created becomes ripe with potential, starting right inside your own personal reality and how you choose to live life and expanding exponentially from there in ways we never can or have to understand.
The reasoning why, the proof in the pudding, is less important than the intent we put out.  The intent to take that positive step, to selflessly change our reality, is like the first step on a journey we cannot predict or know, other than to know we’re moving in the right direction.  To paraphrase MLK, the journey of a thousand steps begins with the first.
It takes two, or many, to tango, so to speak, and the waking universe cannot take action without us pointing in the proper direction first.  If everybody else is giving 11.11.11 the power to create the sort of positive change that can transform the planet, we can choose to participate in that, or not.  That’s free will, and either choice carries with it reverberations that once known, cannot be ignored.
That’s what Shelley Yates believes anyway.  She believes that the power of mass meditation for positive intent, given in a selfless state of love and surrender, can “fire the grid” that unites us all and change the world from within.  I think that’s a highly worthy and intensely personal transformation that can only occur uniquely in each of us, and that’s why on 11.11.11 I invite you to spend that day with me in contemplation, thinking and feeling out what both our own personal best futures should be, and what the best future of our planet can be.   I invite you to put aside the negative at that time, and focus on what brings you joy, peace and love.
The fire the grid meditation is taking place in countries all over the world on November 11th, 2011, and although any time that day is one that can be used for contemplation and meditation on making this earth a better place, the meditation hour will begin at 11:11 am GMT, which translates to November 11th, 3:11 a.m. Los Angeles Time.  (if you can either stay up reeeaaally late, or eexxtraa early.  Or hopefully you’re a night owl like me.)
In Shelley’s own words pulled from HERE on

Once again the instructions involve coming together as a whole. They have told me to share with you that we must “unite in our similarities or we shall disintegrate in our differences.” I have been given the third and final date : November 11, 2011. The time of day of the great gathering will be 11:11 GMT. The instructions tell us to come together for one hour as one people with great love in our hearts, with one collective mind to become one great force. That great force will then charge the earth field and we will become great programmers of a new time.
I will explain. We are entering a field of energy in our cosmos heretofore never seen. That field of energy is completely programmable and will be programmed whether we participate consciously in its programming or not. For whatever human energy field is most prominent on the day for that hour will be the set point of where we begin the next phase of our evolution as humans. The energy is actually available for us to use and program for 28 hours beginning at 19:00 GMT November 10 and running through to 23:00 GMT November 11. However the most influential time during that time will take place November 11 at 11:11 GMT. During that time the field we are entering will close in behind us and we will be encapsulated in the new field. No matter what human energy we hold at that time will dictate the permanent charge of the new earth field and will be our starting point as we journey into a new time.
I will explain further. Imagine you throw an egg into semi set gelatine. As the egg journeys into the center of the gelatine, the density of the gelatine will close in behind the egg and the egg will be set completely immersed in that new field. We are like the egg entering a new plasma field. That new plasma field is like the gelatine. It is a different density then the earth field we live in now, just as the air from which the egg leaves is different then the density of the gelatine. As the field encompasses the earth we will be set in that new field. That new field has never been charged, it is pure and free of set patterns which exist in our current field. It is a great opportunity for us as humans to program the field and get a jump start for the next stage of humanity. We cannot sustain the current field we live in as the density has reached a critical mass and there is much unrest. It is showing itself in the unrest of the planet and its inhabitants. Luckily for us, a new field is presenting itself at this key moment and we have a fresh chance to make it right. An opportunity to make that new field what we choose it to be.
As I have stated, the field will be programmed whether we consciously participate or not.

Here are the links to Shelley Yate’s story below.  It begins with the incredible series of events that nearly took and then saved the lives of her and her child, and then she continues to discuss her spiritual journey and great reluctance to walk the path she set out for herself ever since and the wonderful synchronicities that occured when she finally started allowing herself to BE her authentic self.  She comes off as a woman flawed that has been tempered and strengthened by her challenges, uniquely human, an ordinary person taking extraordinary steps.  She is a testimony to the uncommon will and courage within every common person.
Each YouTube segment below is about ten minutes long.  Shelley’s reality may or may not not be yours, and it shouldn’t have to be.  Your truth is yours to own and all I do on this blog is provide an access point to information for you to either take further or not, but if we can keep an open mind and heart together and take from Shelley’s experiences whatever feels true to each of us, we can all “fire the grid” in our own unique, unstoppable ways.
click here to find out the exact GMT of the meditation in your area on 11.11.11. here
Here is Shelley’s story.
Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII

Part IIX


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