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Intuitive Readings

Cristina Mercado is the co-creator of Waking Universe. She is a psychic intuitive and healer who offers assistance in many forms to help release old patterns, cords, and other attachments. Through inner child work, guided meditation and direct intuition she helps clients connect to their guides, thin the veil to spirit and access information that can open the door to healing, love, financial success and a greater sense of self. Her gifts were triggered by the loss of her son. Through spiritual work she found her reconnection to unconditional love while helping others to do the same.
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  • Cristina is a wonderful intuitive and healer. She has guided me and helped me with so many of my limiting beliefs, childhood traumas, relationship patterns and self love issues. She has a gentle approach that is customized to everyones needs. I’ve gone to several readers but none have explained with such detail and accuracy. You get a true understanding of what is going on in your life and how you can shift your present situation. I have realized how much our choices truly influence our future and how the power is in our hands. She empowers you in every session and shows you how to connect to your guides to help you grow and trust yourself. I would strongly recommend her to my family and friends.

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