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Webpages that will lift up your mind, spirit and your understanding of all possible worlds.  Evita Ochel’s website for conciousness expansion and heart centered living.  I enjoly her attention to detail, her matter of fact honesty and the simple way of presenting massive concepts.  Buddha At The Gas Pump.  The very best site I’ve found for practical, insightful and engaging interviews with the movers and shakers in the field of emerging consciousness and meditation.  A world to discover unto itself with probably hundreds of interviewers.  I find the host to be really insightful. This is not otherworldly stuff, it is all about grounding.  A damn fine blog from a personal perspective on conscious living and finding an authentic life.  Home of Bill Harris’s Centerpointe Holosynch.  I stumbled upon Centerpointe because a friend turned me onto it, and it was life altering to say the least.  Within the first week I, who had never meditated before, was having intense revelatory meditations about life issues I wasn’t even aware were holding me back.  The main page has tremendous information on how binaural beats, or super low frequencies alternating in stereo ear to ear via earphones, actually change and increase the way your left and right brain communicate.  The implications for everything from controlling stress, to ADD, Autism, and increased creativity are amazing.  It’s worth a read if you care about your brain and life in general.

Bill Harris’s Blog CLICK HERE.  The owner of Holosynch is a pretty interesting and profound dude.  His blog is worth checking out.  Tom Kenyon is a respected scientist and also a healer that uses sound.  Like Bill Harris he uses binaural beats and his stuff is also amazing.  Big difference… he gives it out FOR FREE to try on his site.   He has a voice that spans four octaves and is absolutely amazing.   You should check out his entire site when you get the chance.  He also does trance work with a group called the Hathors and regardless what you think of channelers, it is smart, inventive and inspiring.  Interesting cat.  Here’s some additional FREE binaural beat tracks to put you in a meditative mode.  I haven’t used any but one of these once, so like anything, use at your own discretion.

What Is The Aura And How To Read It  Nassim Haramein and the torus and Unified Field Theory.

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