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Now is the Time

An image from the clip below, a revelation… that careens you over a waterfall, a thousand foot sheer drop below.  As you hang, suspended, free floating above the rocks, there’s a feeling of vertigo that fades into a new calm, a visceral beauty and wonder at the gathering mist, at the resultant rainbow, at the sensation of true flight and freedom.
Instantly, you’re in the universal view, able to view the world from this whole new perspective, it is the sort of sense that happens when you realize you’ve leapt a step too far, over the event horizon, and there is no more turning back, and thus no more need for worry.  The flight may last a moment or an eternity, is there a difference?
It is when fear becomes irrelevant and connection so obvious as to be complete.  It is the revelation that occurs when it’s time to commit 100% to an idea, an ideal, a universal pipeline to a passionate spark that once lit becomes something uniquely unstoppable.  It is the reason you are alive.
The question asked; “If everybody woke up tomorrow and realized that they were loved and accepted just the way they are, what would this planet look like?”
The answer? We’re going to find out.”
5 minutes of your day to fly.


  • Ummm… finding your blog, for some reason, feels like some sort of slap to the back which has allowed me to finally spill out what I’ve really been meaning to say. Except I don’t exactly know what it is that I’ve been meaning to say. I’m stunned, I think. Speechless yet ready to speak the truth for the first time???
    My newest post is dedicated to you, stranger.

    • That’s really cool Red, thank you. It seems like a time when a lot of people are trying to figure out and spill out what they’ve been meaning to say, isn’t it? I started blogging for that reason, as I had some things on my mind, could kind of sense that in the air, and had spent a lot of time thinking and talking to the water cooler but not sharing with anyone on a wider scale, maybe not being brave enough to share as it does take a lot to put yourself out there and have a sense of the world and a point of view and be authentic. I at times think if we always KNEW what we meant to say, there’d be no need to say it as everyone would already be saying it anyway. The fun of life is in figuring all that out. I made a commitment to myself not long ago to simply just speak and not filter what I was saying, as it is so common in our society to do virtually with everything. You know what, it’s a good feeling. I truly wish you the best on your path.

      • The writing in your blog posts and the writing in your comments/responses have such different tones… because the blogs are you writing for yourself… and the comments are you reacting to ‘other’? Maybe? Is it possible to entice that blog version out into a conversation, do you think?

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