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If I may please, one more time, state something that I hope becomes more and more obvious as time goes by.
WE, you, me and anyone reading this, each CHOOSE what we believe and what the OUTCOME will be.
It is so easy to believe that everything is done TO us.  It is easier to abdicate responsibility than to take on the responsibility even for those things that at first glance appear out of our control.  We wait on the fence.  We wait for someone else’s reality to fill in the blanks.  We desperately want someone to give us the date, the conclusion, the cheat sheet on teacher’s desk.  We wait for the angels, for the saints, for anyone else to lift us up.
Without realizing we’re already aloft, we look down instead of up at the best of ourselves.
Look up…
We are in a time of opportunity.  Of choice.  One person‘s false flag is another person’s grand banner.  The determining factor is belief and the particular color of reality it places you in.
Where you place your focus, your emotion, your sense of what is real, is what matters now.   It is the only thing that matters.  What will you believe and make real?  Will you obsess on the nightly news, on the fears, on the lack or the powerlessness, the things you THINK are there to harm you, always out of reach and demanding attention, trepidation, retribution… judgement?
Nobody, but nobody, can ever make your choices for you.  Nobody can take away your fears except you, YOURSELF.
Conditional love, with all it’s strings attached, is only fear in disguise just the same as anger and hate and greed and envy are all masks that fear wears.
Unconditional love.  Being non attached to any particular outcome.  Simply riding the wave straight into the very best outcome possible.  These are the answers to every test the universe brings your way.  Everything is energy.  Everything vibrates at a frequency, including you.  Feeling creates frequency and like frequencies attract.  What frequency will you choose?
Where your frequency goes, so goes the world.
Your perspective, your interactions, you very existence shifts from reality to reality based upon where your vibration is at.  The more unconditional love we can find, we raise the bar for everyone on the planet.  We change the entire planet from within our own consciousness.
This is not some mystic statement.  This is science.  It’s psychology and quantum mechanics at work.  We put ourselves into the world we want most to see, most expect to see.
Do you expect a miracle, or a disaster?  Either way, you will be right.
When we move to a better reality internally, we automatically take everything and everyone we have ever perceived up the ladder frequency with us.  Your choices grow as your vision does.
It is not bells that give angels wings, it is each beat of a connected, coherent heart no longer hindered by a lack of imagination.
YOU are the only person in the room, no matter how crowded you feel.  Every image, every person, every thing you see is a reflection of yourself in essence.  Once we get that, once we get that indeed YOU. ARE. GOD., in the image of something that is perfect, in the eye of every beholder, as capable and powerful as your imagination can allow, then you may understand that the changes you make internally have no choice but to manifest externally.
You want clean oceans, the end to dirty energy, honest and capable leaders and world peace…, find true loves, act authentically, speak your truth, make peace with your inner self first and foremost.  Understand your ego and love it in it’s place.  Realize that you do nothing, and yet you do everything.  Take action where it is right to take action because that is part of your journey.   Act.  What are you waiting for?  Love.  Love.  Love.
There is no wrong answer.  There is no wrong outcome.  There is no set date for your success or destruction.  There is no massive plot against you.   There is no luck.  There is no fate.
There is nothing, unless you make it so.
It is time for understanding of self, for understanding of the games the ego plays on it’s way to understanding self.  Recognize the game for the play that it is.  The world is your stage, your performance is at hand, only a lack of imagination has held you back.
We’re all one, not figuratively, not in some new age woo woo sense, but in every sense of reality.  We are entangled.  What you do affects me.  What I do affects you.  Every action has at least an equal reaction, not opposite, but exponential.   This law of correspondence works from the tiniest level of cells to largest interaction between nations.
Your thoughts matter.  In fact, your thoughts become matter.  Anything you create in your life began with a thought.
Recognize you can never be unworthy unless you allow it.
What is Reality?   Your answers to such questions, like your truths, are unique to you.
We are merely different prisms of the same image of creation with all the power that implies.
You’ve just been given the reigns, what will you do with them?


  • Illuminating Reality equals the Power to Choose Love. Every choice is either sharing love or withholding love. Thanks for this well written post.

  • You All-Ready have abundance on what you hold dearly in your mind as a thought, If you do not like what you are experiencing, change your way of thinking and you will again have abundance of that, the choices are infinite

  • Wow cool

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