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Soul Survivor

Actual newscast footage of a family whose 10 year old is a reincarnated soul of a past World War II fighter pilot killed in action that remembers details of his past life and has even met those he served with that are still alive and named them by name and personal details.  Whether you’re A Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or just utterly confused about the nature of reality and the afterlife this 5 minute clip can redefine your whole universe.

For anyone interested in the subject of reincarnation, one of the first books I ever read on the subject some time ago is called Journey of Souls by Michael Newton.  He’s documented hundreds of cases via hypnosis.  This book captured my imagination for the sheer scope and detail of how concepts of east and west and the afterlife may be united.
Click here to get it.


  • great video!! thats very exciting…

  • You know, I was watching Unsolved Mysteries one day and they had a story of a lady and her past life. They told her story and mentioned that she was to be betrothed and that her love died and she end up drowning.
    But the reason I bring up this story is that after the story aired, someone called in and said that his past life is the person she was supposed to marry. So even after the two died, their souls somehow still found each other. <– the story.
    They don't have the transcript of the guy who called in for the story though. It was just mentioned and a short blurb after her story.

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