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Spirit Art

Husband and wife team Marti and Michael Parry are unique in the world of psychics.  Michael has conversations with lost loved ones.  Marti actually draws them.  They have provided convincing proof to hundreds of people they’ve never met previously that something else is out there, something about love that survives beyond this dreaming world we at times sleepwalk through.  If you ever needed a wake up call, see these two and they’ll kick you in the butt.
What Michael and Marti do simply cannot be explained.  The documented side by side real life photos and Marti’s uncannily accurate drawings of people she’s never seen are jaw dropping.  Above is just one example.  By clicking the links you’ll find many more.
You can see those side by side photos and her drawings at the link below.  Click on “portfolio” once you’re on their site HERE.
Site url
Michael’s blog about he and Marti’s facinating adventures from beyond is
Waking Universe will be filming a segment on Michael and Marti for our new television show.

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