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The Disclosure Project

What does the former head of the FAA, a NASA astronaut, a U.S. Air Force watch commander from a nuclear missle silo in South Dakota, the former governor of the State of Arizona, the former British Minister of Defense and an Iranian fighter pilot have in common?
They’ve all seen things in the sky that they cannot explain and they’ve all come forward to talk about it at great risk to their reputations.
I hadn’t intended to post this one today, i was saving it as a draft and hit the wrong button and it went out by accident.  I felt that this video below needed a lot more set up than I have had time to figure out.  I first saw it on YouTube maybe a year or two ago after seeing a few clips of the event featured on CNN and not really believing what it was that I was hearing, much less the fact that the news report on the event came and went in a single 1 minute news item… an afterthought.
So, I was pleased to have found the entire event online and I watched it.  I even went so far as to independently look up many of the speakers to see what their real credentials were and what they’d said about their experiences during other interviews.  Some of the speakers, all talking about their own encounters with UFO’s while in high ranking positions such as the FAA, the Government, military, commercial aviation and more, from various different countries, is compelling due to the extreme stress they’re putting their careers under in coming forward as well as the consistency of their stories over the years.
I did find a couple crackpots amongst the group featured in the video, who’s stories I personally don’t buy, not coincidentally a few of the wildest stories in the room came from the ones that I found to be the most questionable based on a couple hours spent surfing around the internet for them.
So, as always, truth is something that you need to discover for yourself and I don’t advise you to give your power away to anyone, especially not the little green men landing in your backyard after an evening of hard drinkin’ at the local pub.
Just think though… what if even one of the credible people standing on the stage in that video has a story that is accurate or completely unexplainable.  It is world changing to say the least.
A group of credible professionals, all willing to go before congress to testify under oath.. regardless of what you may believe, never before has such a group come forward.
Be prepared to question your reality.  This video below is a must see.  Yes, it is long.. and extremely informative and enlightening.  It’s two hours of your time, so grab some popcorn and stay in your jammies this Sunday and give ye ol’ saucer a whirl… if you dare.

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