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The Elders Speak

Native cultures from around the world are coming forward today in ways they never have to talk about the state of humanity as it relates to the state of Mother Earth and how the times relate to the prophecies of their ancestors.
As I’ve said the Maya believe we’re entering a fifth age.  The Hopi believe the blue and red Kachinas have danced across the sky to signal the end of our old ways of thinking.  Native peoples who have not spoken publicly ever are trumpeted wide and far the need for us to change the way we think about our relation to the Earth and spirit.
In summation, they are telling us not to fear change, but rather to celebrate an at once new and ancient return to a simpler connection to the earth, spirit, and family.
This intriguing video I found is worth 6 minutes 36 seconds of your time.
Presented for your consideration, an interesting native American perspective on the times we live in from Native Elder Red Crow Westerman.

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