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The Times They Are A Changin'.

We’re at a fork in the road, which way will we go?
Okay let’s face it.  We can’t sit here anymore.   It’s not the time to sit down on the fence and scratch our heads.  It’s time to pick a path and walk it.   It’s time to figure out who we are, what we’re about and what we can do about it.
Right now.
It is human to sit there and ponder, to feel useless and clueless and victimized whilst we wait for someone else to walk down the path and tell us which way is the best way to go from here.
Besides, we can’t see that far ahead, and everybody back there says we’re lost without hope.  How could we possibly walk?
Maybe the cable news will know, or your local congressman, or Dear Abby…
How about you figure it out yourself?  That’s the test.  The times can change, but can you?
Only you know what’s true for you no matter what the peanut gallery says.  There is no wrong path, the only path that is wrong is the one where we sit paralyzed in fear at the possibilities of change.   Nothing ever got done by being safe, by waiting and seeing, by sticking proverbial head in the proverbial sand.
What’s true to you?  You’ll only find out if you walk, with an open heart.
I created this project because I felt that there was something in the air, a new vibration to be explored, a shift in global understanding of what it means to live life, to find potential, to become our first choice lives though the power of conscious creation.
There is a shift upon us, that’s a fact.  How that goes down is entirely on you.
Be clear, the place where that shift in consciousness becomes possible does not stem from anger or bitterness or fear.  Those things will always lead to more of the same even if you have the best of intentions.
Instead, true change comes from a willingness to walk a path and pick a direction from the most confident, most pure place possible.  A moment of clarity, means listening to our hearts.  It means standing by our convictions yet it also means that you will never create peace without until you have found it within first.
It doesn’t matter what side of the political road you’re on, what religious background you have, what culture you hail from, truths of the heart will always be the only true compass you have in this life.
How does it make you feel?  That’s the test.
The world is rapidly shrinking and the same old stories and the same old distractions designed to foul up that internal compass feel stale in comparison to the realization that we are all connected.  What you do affects me and vice versa.   We can both individually and collectively make a difference in the world around us.
The evidence is in front of you.  Pick up a newspaper, only briefly and just long enough to flip through and see that everywhere in the world, including where you read this now, times are changing.  Not because of logical thought, no, never due to that.
Logic says that change cannot happen.  Logic says we’re screwed so we might as well just accept our lot.  Yet, what if your lot was not ever yours to accept?  What if you simply accepted what you logically knew and threw out the fact that what opposed you, what held you back, could never define you and in fact was merely there to bring you into your own.
It was not logical that a single man, a fruit vendor in Tunisia, fed up with corruption could spark an Arab Spring that toppled dictators and systems of power in place for 1000 years.
It isn’t logical now that in an American Autumn a lot of people of all ages and from all walks of life can camp in front of 181 city halls and create any sort of real change, if you think about it.
Don’t think so much.  Einstein was wrong.  We are not what we think.  We are WHAT WE FEEL.  Feel the best possible outcome individually and the collective will follow.

Your thoughts will foul up your compass, hands down.  When you feel something true you know it, and I’m not talking about your anger and fear, those are what paid pundits use to manipulate you into buying the latest thing they’re trying to sell.  I’m talking about when, from a centered space, you really dig down deep in your heart, and just know what FEELS true.
Anger and fear appeal to your ego and give power away.  True confidence, true love, true compassion get you to an objectively powerful place that lets you see the bigger picture and allows you to define your reality instead of letting your reality define you.
Maybe sometimes camping in front of city hall simply FEELS right even if it looks like a dumb thing to do.  Maybe in the big picture it is SO right that it’s obvious and somebody should have thought of it long ago.
Reach deep down into your heart and find a greater connection, a larger perspective, whatever it is to you.  It doesn’t mean you need to camp out, it simply means you need to find out what it is that has sparked you or can spark you to create your first choice life.
Life is full of second choices.  Haven’t you had your fill of them?
Find that place inside that tells you, all those things you’ve gone through, every issue and problem, all those obstacles left to overcome… YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THEM.  You never were or will be.  100 percent of us have gone through the ringer and if you’re reading this, you’re still alive to come out the other side and be grateful for the tests that have made us what we are.
You are more powerful than all that.  You are more powerful than anything holding you back.
Sure we can chose to live in fear, to cower, to feel hopeless and spent… or we can choose to embrace our tests and shift our minds into our hearts, find something worthy of that, and walk.
Just walk.
I challenge you to turn off your television and tune out the buzz of the media for a bit.  I challenge you to find a purpose not from fear, or anger, or bitterness, but rather from love and compassion and a sincere intent.  I challenge you to embrace your own power.  I challenge you to live in a reality that feels true to you and as Ghandi said, be the change you want to see in the world.
I challenge you to take a step today, any step, toward living your first choice life.
And since I’m thinking of Ghandi and The Times Are A Changin’, a little Bob Dylan and homemade video for your consideration.

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