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Health based webpages to intrigue, inspire, confuse and or educate.  I’m no doctor, and if you need medical advice please seek it from one.  That said, you can also

empower yourself with information that will make you live longer, better and without fear.  I recommend seeking out a natropathic , holistic doctor’s point of view

as you take in your medical options.  The whole body perspective is often missing from the doctor’s playbook and science is catching up slowly to what the ancients

knew all along about the relationship between our environment and our health.



Our modern environment and the processed foods we eat or don’t eat are key to whether you thrive or have ill health.

There is a wealth of information out there on how you can overcome any disease.  For starters, a simple rule

of thumb is to stick to the outer edges of the store aisles when shopping.  For good health, no more processed food, no more processed

sugars, white flour, white rice, pretty much anything white.  All those In and Out burger buns and donuts are

taxing your system, stressing your adrenals, clogging the receptors that will make you obese and give you cancer.

Beyond that, animal proteins from meat and dairy are turning the genes on that can give you heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer.

As you’ll see in some of the documentary work below, eliminating processed sugar and keeping your animal protein intake under 5 percent makes it impossible for tumors

to grow in your body, the mechanisms turn off.  There is no reason you shouldn’t live a healthy life well into your nineties

if you just know the simple steps to take to get there in one piece with the quality of life we all deserve.  It all starts with fixing the

damage that years of neglect have given us.  Here are the tools too many people are dying to know about.


Forks Over Knives is a seminal film on how a vegan diet can prevent and reverse disease from clogged arteries to cancers.  One

of the doctors in the film took part in The China Study, the largest study in nutrition ever conducted and determined that

the diseases of the modern world simply do not exist in areas where diets are primarily plant based.  These movies may cost money

to see at the youtube links below, but are also found on Netflix and iTunes.

Forks Over Knives Documentary on the link between diet and modern diseases of cancer, heart disease, etc.

The China Study book featured in Forks Over Knives, the largest study of nutrition and cancer ever conducted showing evidence of link between animal protein and genes for cancer CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

The fastest way to cleanse the body of toxins and reduce weight while eliminating disease is by juicing and incorporating raw, fresh

green juices into your lifestyle on a regular basis.  For this, you need a good juicer.  You need the kind that chews, “masticates”, not a spinning cylinder

juicer as featured in Fat Sick and Nearly Dead if you have cancer.  The enzymes are preserved much longer in masticating juicers, you can put the juice

sealed in a mason jar and it will keep for a few days so you can make a batch.  You can’t do that with a centrifical juicer, which is still better than nothing and much cheaper.

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary on the power of juicing to reverse disease CLICK HERE

The forefather of the juicing movement, Max Gerson, was a German doctor that cured Albert Switzer’s wife of skin cancer through

a combination of juicing and coffee enemas.  He then found, according to his body of work, that he could cure cancer and most other diseases the same way.

Today his daughter runs his clinic and has helped thousands all over the world.  To go to his clinic starts at about $2500 for a few intense weeks, or you can purchase

a juicer and get instructions to do it at home.  There are a few useful documentaries on this below.  (and many more from there).

You can also schedule a consultation at their non profit in San Diego,

via the website link below.

Dealing with cancer, diabetes, heart disease? Watch THE GERSON MIRACLE HERE


Gerson Institute Website CLICK HERE

The Norwalk juicer is recommended for those with cancer or other chronic diseases

because of it’s unique ability to press the juice pulp to get the most valuable enzymes, which you

really want out of juicing if you’re sick.  It’s pricey, like $2500.

Norwalk Juicer recommended by Max Gerson


You can get a less expensive option by purchasing a masticating juicer like the one below,

and adding a manual juice press to the mix so you still get all the enzymes.  For those who aren’t

sick but looking to generally improve health, you don’t need the press, just a good masticating

juicer that will still give you all the enzymes and the ability to seal and preserve the juice in mason

jars so you can make batches.  When juicing, make sure you make green juices, not just sweet juices, there are

tons of recipes out there.

Less expensive Champion Juicer 

Additional juice press required to replace Norwalk Juicer HERE

There are a lot of books by Gerson and his institute out there. Here is my favorite, “A Cancer Therapy, 50 cases”, taken randomly from thousands

at the time Max Gerson reported to Congress his findings, and was drummed out of the medical practice as a result.  CLICK above to purchase.


Rene Cassie was a nurse in the 30’s that discovered a patient had been cured of her breast cancer using an herbal remedy from an Ojibwa medicine man.

She found that the recipe included common herbs growing all around.  She started making the batch for her patients, and within a decade she had helped

thousands of people overcome all sorts of cancers and other sicknesses.  She was ordered to stop giving out the tea by the AMA and sued.  She died in obscurity, but

her legacy went on and now the herbal remedy is widely available.  It is slow working and should be carefully brewed according to instruction and used consistently.

Documentary on Rene Cassie and anti cancer Essiac Tea CLICK HERE

Rene Cassie “Essiac Tea” Old Ojibwa medicine anti cancer formula


John Tanner is a technology researcher in Monrovia, CA.  He almost died from an unexpected heart attack and learned only then what his doctor told

him were healthy cholesterol numbers were not.  He discovered that with a vegan diet he could reverse his heart disease and that of others and founded nusci

to spearhead his efforts.  It is a wonderful local resource in Southern California and his built in delivery service Little Green Forks will even deliver vegan meals inexpensively

to those who need them.

John Tanner and his clinic in Monrovia California are reversing cancer and heart disease one meal at a time. They’ll also give you a free book, DVD and a great free vegan meal from their

home delivery service, CLICK ABOVE.


Dr. Chi is based in Anaheim and brings unprecedented knowledge of Chinese medicine to his western medical degree.  He sees patients in the midst of mainstream cancer therapy

and knows how to augment what they’re doing with his herbal supplements that can be life saving.  The statistics on his supplements are blow mind.  The research out of China

shows a large relation between excess estrogen from water bottles, soy products, and other processed foods are in large part responsible for many cancers.  He has supplements which

counteract and reverse this.  He can tell you your health issues usually just by looking you over or reading your chart and what he has that can help.  A great, great resource although

after awhile the supplements can be pricey.  Great though for those who either do not like to otherwise change their lifestyle or cannot juice for some reason.

Dr. Chi combination western and eastern medicine with supplements $100 consultation CLICK HERE


There are lots of other cancer remedies out there and here is a collection as presented in a documentary.  Baking Soda therapy is also intriguing, as a doctor in Italy

has been using simple baking soda on tumors which appear to melt away upon contact.  You’ll definitely get the idea of options out there.

Cancer The Forbidden Cures Documentary CLICK HEREttp:// 


There are some foods out there that are simply superfoods, period.  Acai is a great one if you get it either frozen or well preserved somehow naturally.   Go for frozen blueberries or raspberries,

raspberries are a must all the time in smoothies for longevity and anti cancer. And of course, onions.  Yes, simple old onion.  Onion is a superfood that lowers blood pressure and is anti cancer.

And GARLIC!  Fresh pressed, using a good presser, raw, exposed to air for at least 15 minutes to activate the beneficial compounds.  A farmer in Los Olivos tells everyone that comes to his cart

that he got into farming garlic because of it’s effect on his wife’s cancer of the lymph nodes.  He used to press several garlic bulbs into a big pot of water, let it simmer, not boil, for a bit and

et the garlic stew in the pot for a few hours, then strain out the particles and pour it in his wife’s bath daily.  No more cancer of the lymph nodes according to him.  By using the garlic in

bath water, he said, it bypassed the digestion and went straight to the blood stream, nodes etc where it was needed badly and killed the cancer cells.

You need good, organic garlic.  If you’re sick avoid garlic from China, as it is produced in sub par soil with lots of chemicals.

The health benefits of garlic are astounding.  This site goes into great details on how garlic can be used to help your immune system in ways you didn’t think were possible.  Vampires everywhere don’t stand a chance if you read this.


Eating dark, leafy greens every day is a huge benefit.  Lots of Kale, Spinach, and arugula.  The antioxidant content of arugula alone is astounding.  Eating or juicing Kale may give you caffeine headaches if you go too fast with it, because it

is so efficient at detox that it will suck the caffeine out of you and give you withdrawals.  It’s always good to wean yourself off caffeine for a few days before doing any cleanse, as this is one of the worst detox symptoms.  If you do get

caffeine headaches and want to circumvent them, try a good niacin supplement.  Do not get no flush niacin, it’s bad for your liver.


Speaking of your liver, if your liver is healthy, so is your brain and the rest of your body, because this is a major detox portal.  We eat so much processed crap and deal with so many environmental toxins, our livers get wasted.

Incorporating some good, cold pressed, organic coconut oil into your diet can repair a damaged liver.  So can drinking lots of freshly squeezed organic lemon juice, perhaps mixed with water or in fresh juice.  Lemon is a miracle

in itself.  So much of the problems later in life we have with memory and dementia, are related to a faulty liver.  The toxins that the liver cannot process, like aluminum, wind up as fatty deposits in the brain.  Coconut oil

is anti viral, bacterial, fungal, etc. and it has a definite effect on the liver over time that is healing.  A scoop of coconut oil in gramma’s oatmeal goes a long way toward healing her brain.


Omega 3s.  I cannot say enough about how important they are toward ongoing health of your brain, skin, and heart.  Give your baby Omega 3s and it will give them a leg up in mood, IQ, and lifelong prevention of dementia.  CLICK HERE to get a good version.

For adults, there are a host of good omega 3 fish oil supplements out there.  Just look for the kind that says mercury free, which is very important.  Good DHA levels are a must.  Krill oil seems to be even more potent.  I prefer fish oil rather than flax

even though it isn’t vegan because flax oil and other sources of omegas go rancid so easily.  However, chia seeds are a great option as well that are high in omega 3s, just make sure you soak the chia before you eat or it will actually suck water out of your gut

as the seeds expand and have the opposite of the hydrating effect you want from them.


Tumeric:  Tumeric is the reason India has low cancer rates.  It is one of the best anti inflammatories in your herbal toolbox.  People use it to kick pain killer addiction, it’s great for that old sports injury or as a cancer preventative/curative.  Here is a good brand CLICK HERE.  For something even more potent, you can also take the active ingredient, curcumin as a supplement.  Here is one example.  Turmeric is most powerful when mixed with a dash of ground pepper or cayenne pepper, which makes it more bio available.  Golden Milk Tea adds honey and almond milk is very healing and massively antiinfammatory for either cancer, back pain or you name it.  Although sugar is not normally good for cancer, when you combine natural sugar with another compound, like Tumeric, it acts as a Trojan horse to deliver the substance where it needs to go.


Iodine.  We are all iodine deficient because we have depleted the soil we grow on.  The RDA for iodine is pathetic.  Check out this book from a doctor who has been studying iodine and it’s healing role for our thyroid function, immunity, IQ in babies, etc.  

Soon to be moms should have their iodine levels checked by their doctors and make sure that they are at good levels.  Of course listen to your doctor but do some research as well.

Iodine supplementation for adults can often make a big difference in terms of thyroid function, energy and general health.  It takes a long time to build up your iodine reserves since we are all depleted.  Nascent Iodine is a good choice.  Lugols iodine is also good, but here is a good Nascent iodine supplement.  Do your own research on this.


Vitamin C therapy.  Even just supplementing with Vitamin C can make a huge difference.  IV Vitamin C therapy has saved lives ravaged by cancer without side effects.  Lineus Pauling you can look up and see how he pioneered work in Vitamin C as a healing tool.   You should always have in hand liposomal Vitamin C, which is hundreds of times more powerful than regular vitamin c without the side effects of high doses, and is said to be similar to intravenous vitamin C without the fuss.  Here is a link to a good liposomal vitamin C and you can read the reviews.   

There is some talks on youtube you can search out on the difference between ascorbic acid vitamin c and whole food plant based vitamin c, which is said to be even more healing when it comes to cancer.  It’s been said that processed sugar molecules and vitamin c molecules compete for the same receptors in cells and that if you eliminate processed sugar and allow in the vitamin c it has the best benefit.


Daitomaceous Earth.  This substance is pure bioavailable silica with lots of trace minerals your body uses as anti inflammatory and healing properties.  It also is the best anti parasitic remedy you can find and will remove parasites as well as toxins and heavy metals from the blood stream.

You would use it in cycles, few months on and a few weeks off, to give your body a rest from it.  It can rebuild worn out ligaments, joints and bone.  it can prevent that knee surgery you’ve been dreading since that fateful yoga workout.  It will also rebuild the calcium in your bones that have been depleted by years of drinking dairy milk and carbonated beverages that sap the calcium right out of your body.  It also can remove plaque from clogged arteries.  Microscopically it looks like little sharp rice Chex that catch toxins and carry them out, and stick to the cell walls of parasites and cuts them to bits.  Just taking Diatomaceous earth can reduce high blood pressure dramatically, which is why you should always inform your doctor and regularly monitor your blood pressure medicine while you take it.  You want FOOD GRADE, which is the same stuff that they put in grains that give it that powdery look.  Do not by crystallized, as it is not edible.  You can also use this to keep ants and termites out of your home and fleas off your pets because it sticks to their shells and dehydrates them, so they do not like it and will avoid it at all cost.

Here is a good seller of Diatomaceaous Earth, which is vastly inexpensive, you can get a 5o pound back for under a hundred dollars.    Check out the testimonial page for some educational material.


Often when people contract auto immune diseases like fibromyalgia or lupus, it is because their mitochondria are failing and their immune systems are attacking them, often after a diet that includes years of artificial sweeteners like aspartame, which in itself causes migraines and cancer.  You need something that rebuilds the DNA at ground level up for real deep healing and you also need more oxygen in your body.  Cell Food is an amazing supplement that does both things.  CLICK HERE and read the amazing reviews and multiple things this supplement can address.


Gematria Supplements are some of the most energetically healing supplements available on the planet.  Each of them have been treated with a very special laser process that actually makes the molecules more bio available.  This site is a treasure trove of supplements for a variety of issues from longevity to healing.  Particularly good and useful is Heart Gems, which is prescribed in Russia to heart patients after cardiac arrest for healing, but also removes massive amounts of heavy metals from the body and can dramatically reverse diseases of the auto immune variety such as lupus and fibromyalgia, which can often be caused by heavy metal poisoning from environmental and nutritional factors.   Check out the stats on Heart Gems and purchase here.


There’s been a lot said about caloric restriction and how it pertains to longevity.  Via certain methods we can actually extend the telomeres at the ends of our DNA strands and that tells our cells to stay young longer, basically.  Well, caloric restriction is hard, and there is another pathway that does the same thing.   There was a doctor in the 60’s named Joseph Knolls that discovered that mice treated with an anti Parkinson’s medication called Deprynel exhibited the same long lived traits as mice put on caloric restriction.  Deprynl didn’t appear to have any major side effects but it prolonged dopamine retention in the brain.  Parkinsons and other diseases of the nervous system occur as we lose our ability to make and use dopamine.  The better we can use dopamine as we age, the less we age apparently.  Now some people are using Deprynl not just as a positive mood and libido enhancer, but actually because as we get older it preserves our ability to manufacture and use dopamine.  Here’s an article with Dr. Knoll.   

One important thing to note for anyone that tries Deprynl, although it is not listed as having any major side effects and has been used as a supplement for many years, and is not an amphetamine, the molecules are close and during a drug test it can be registered as amphetamine, so you would need to inform an employer you take it for life extension purposes or else wait a few weeks for it to be out of your system.

Here’s where you can find Deprynl, which is legal as a supplement but must be purchased overseas without a prescription.  

This site where you can get Deprynl is a treasure trove of longevity and life enhancement supplements from all over the world, and it is really fun to browse and read articles on to see what is out there that just may be able to allow you to live longer and better. is really a cutting edge place to look for life extension and enhancement supplements.


Cognitive enhancers:

Folks these days are often using “smart drugs”, legal supplements designed to enhance your cognitive ability and memory, in order to give them that extra edge or help them gain back what they may have lost due to age or disease or harmful lifestyles.

Ginko Biloba.  Ginko Biloba is the oldest living tree on the planet, and a ginkgo tree was the only thing to survive the radiation of Hiroshima’s bomb blast unscathed, continuing to leaf and blossom.  Ginko has amazing circulatory enhancing and oxygen bringing capacity.  Especially for anyone over 40 ginkgo is a must.  Scans of an older person’s brain who regularly takes ginkgo has the appearance of a much younger brain.  It helps with memory formation, retention and focus.  Being a circulatory enhancer to even the smallest capillaries in the body, it also is very useful for diabetics as an insulin sensitivity promoter and can help prevent or reverse retinal neuropathy in diabetics losing their eye sight.  It is a blood thinner, so be aware if you are on blood thinners and inform your doctor.  The best brands of ginkgo are out of Germany, which has the strictest quality controls.  The best brand is Ginkgold, which can be found here.  After about 4 weeks of regular use, you’ll find that your dreams are much more vivid and memorable.  It also has anti radiation capacity so it protects DNA from harmful environmental factors and the sun.

Piracetam:  This is a cognitive enhancer and helps with short term memory recall.  It is also excellent for those suffering from post concussion syndrome.  It requires a lot of choline in the body to work well and you should research it because if your choline intake is not high enough it can cause headaches.  Piracatam is the first of the smart drug racetam enhancers, the most tried and true with no side effects.  It also creates more acytlcholine receptors in the brain which can actually permanently increase cognitive function and language ability.  This is where you find it, although there are many other more advanced versions of this, this is a good place to start and use in conjunction with omega 3s, and ginkgo as a cognitive enhancer.  It is also useful for those with dimentia or Alzhimers in terms of preventing cognitive decline.  It is used also to prevent brain damage during periods of low oxygen uptake.\  Evita Ochel’s website on health and wellness and how it relates to raising your personal vibration.  Han onds down the best, most matter of fact and down to earth website I’ve found on healthy living from a mind body and spirit perspective.

Overcoming Candida  Y’know those constant sugar cravings you get?  How about the fatigue and weight gain you can’t control?  Had any other chronic diseases?  Almost nobody realizes that a major reason for chronic disease is an overgrowth of candida, or yeast, in our systems.  The first time you ever took an antibiotic you killed all the beneficial bacteria in your gut and let candida run amok.  Here’s a great article on it.


Probiotics.  Anyone who has ever taken antibiotics has potentially wrecked their body’s natural good bacteria designed to help digest food and properly make the digestive track function throughout life.  The result can be candida overgrowth and bad bacteria causing everything from heart disease to cancer to teenage acne.  If there is one thing you should be taking, that allows every other nutritive substance to be properly used by the body, it is probiotics.  I was able to beat a lot of food addictions using this cleanse.  I’ve since found that doing a ten day juicing cleanse also works well and lends itself to more variety but some people say this cleanse works great to get rid of candida.  You need to actually read the book The Master cleanser by Stanley Burrows, as well as The Complete Master Cleanse, written later and taking into account probiotics and other things not available during Burrow’s time, before attempting this cleanse, because of so much misinformation and bad advice on the net and the cleanse will not work if you do not follow instructions exactly.  If you do follow instructions, the cleanse can be dramatic at reducing or eliminating allergies, pain, and putting you on track to a healthier life.  The most important part of this is not just the cleanse, but what you do after the cleanse, as you must follow a vegan diet for at least 30 days to get the benefit and stick with it.


Cayenne Pepper.  Before the dawn of big Pharma, every doctor used to carry a tincture of cayenne pepper in his bag when he would make house calls.  some drops on the tongue could stop internal bleeding or even a heart attack.  Drops on a nasty cut would instantly stop the bleeding.

Cayenne is called the master herb, because when mixed with other herbs it makes them more bio available and potent.  It also is a great circulatory enhancer and lifts the metabolism.   the 100,000 units of heat cayenne is the best if you can stand it.  You can get it in pill form as a supplement mixed with ginger so it stays cool in the gut but still works on you.  This is a great thing to reverse heart disease, clean the arteries, and lift your metabolism.

Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano.  Read The Cure is In The Cupboard for hundreds of uses of this magical elixir.  It helps with everything from toothaches to ear aches.  It is an anti venom, anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal.  Rome became Rome because their legions all carried a flask of the stuff on their persons to treat any wound, bad water or snake bite.  If I was going to a third world country it would be the one thing I would have in my bag for sure.  It needs to be in any first aid kit.  Since it is seasonal, it is immune to super bugs, and adapts each year, so it will even kill resistant staff and other nasty bacteria.

The Magic of Fermented Foods

21 day Juice Fast

No, I’m not talking about the Exxon Valdez, I’m talking about an ancient tradition that may just add years to your life.  Most baddie bacteria in your system starts in your gums.  The bacteria gets in and eventually you get heart disease, cancer, diabetes, candida, all sorts of stuff because your body has to deal with all the toxins the bacteria is releasing, which in turn is turning on markers for disease in your DNA.  The act of swishing coconut oil or sesame oil a few minutes a day when you wake up can reverse all sorts of issues.  That and a waterpik and you’re set.

Learn more on Oil Pulling here:  Here’s an additional site on oil pulling.

Remineralization  Haven’t you ever thought it was sorta weird that you get cavities and they never heal?  What did everybody do until a hundred years ago without a dentist down the street?  What if I told you that you some say it’s possible to grow new tooth enamel almost as easily as you can lose it to a cavity.  The glycerin in toothpaste does a great job of protecting your teeth from bacteria, but it also prevents calcium from binding to your teeth and since calcium is the mortar that holds your teeth together, is that such a wise thing if you’re nursing a cavity?

Glycerin Free Toothpaste

(I include the sound based pages again because mediation, music and sound have been pretty “soundly” proven to be extremely healing.)

Meditation and a positive view on life is a key point to healing.  An easy way to get into meditation is using binaural beats, which put you into a meditative state more easily.  I like the Iawake app for your phone recently, I find it works and it costs 1o bucks a month.  You can also get really into Centerpointe Holosych, which is a lot more expensive but also works wonders and their site talks all about how the benefits work.

IAwake Technologies binural and isochronic tones meditation  For instant inspiration at any time.  Type in the name of your muse and the track you want and much more music along the same themes will play.  Revolutionary radio.  I have a channel for Vangelis, one for Radiohead, one for Billy Holiday, Miles Davis, Motzart, Johnny Cash.. whatever your mood you can find a virtual channel for you.  Home of Bill Harris’s Centerpointe Holosynch.  I stumbled upon Centerpointe because a friend turned me onto it, and it was life altering to say the least.  Within the first week I, who had never meditated before, was having intense revelatory meditations about life issues I wasn’t even aware were holding me back.  The main page has tremendous information on how binaural beats, or super low frequencies alternating in stereo ear to ear via earphones, actually change and increase the way your left and right brain communicate.  The implications for everything from controlling stress, to ADD, Autism, and increased creativity are amazing.  It’s worth a read if you care about your brain and life in general.  Tom Kenyon is a respected scientist and also a healer that uses sound.  Like Bill Harris he uses binaural beats and his stuff is also amazing.  Big difference… he gives it out FOR FREE to try on his site.   He has a voice that spans four octaves and is absolutely amazing.   You should check out his entire site when you get the chance.  He also does trance work with a group called the Hathors and regardless what you think of channelers, it is smart, inventive and inspiring.  Interesting cat.

Archive of Edgar Cayce Readings  An absolutely vast search index for the collected readings of by far the most prolific and well documented trance psychic in modern history, who for over 30 years diagnosed and prescribed unheard of and exceedingly effective natural cures for every imaginable disease, some that science hadn’t even discovered yet at that time, foretold events both mundane and miraculous of our past, present and future.  All of his readings were meticulously transcribed and preserved.  They called him the Sleeping Prophet, but if you need someone, anyone to wake you up to the fact that there are things in this world that go beyond our mundane understanding of reality and that can actually have meaningful effects on your health, Cayce’s your guy.   He was talking about your alkaline/acid balance before science knew what it was.  He knew that mercury was causing mood and nerve disorders decades ahead of his time.  He  literally is responsible for founding entire fields of medicine and surgical techniques, all while talking while sleeping on his couch in Virginia.   Out of this world incredible.

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