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Health based webpages to intrigue, inspire, confuse and or educate  Evita Ochel’s website on health and wellness and how it relates to raising your personal vibration.  Hands down the best, most matter of fact and down to earth website I’ve found on healthy living from a mind body and spirit perspective.

Overcoming Candida  Y’know those constant sugar cravings you get?  How about the fatigue and weight gain you can’t control?  Had any other chronic diseases?  Almost nobody realizes that a major reason for chronic disease is an overgrowth of candida, or yeast, in our systems.  The first time you ever took an antibiotic you killed all the beneficial bacteria in your gut and let candida run amok.  Here’s a great article on it.  The health benefits of garlic are astounding.  This site goes into great details on how garlic can be used to help your immune system in ways you didn’t think were possible.  Vampires everywhere don’t stand a chance if you read this.  I was able to beat a lot of food addictions using this cleanse.  I’ve since found that doing a ten day juicing cleanse also works well and lends itself to more variety but some people say this cleanse works great to get rid of candida.

The Magic of Fermented Foods

21 day Juice Fast

No, I’m not talking about the Exxon Valdez, I’m talking about an ancient tradition that may just add years to your life.  Most baddie bacteria in your system starts in your gums.  The bacteria gets in and eventually you get heart disease, cancer, diabetes, candida, all sorts of stuff because your body has to deal with all the toxins the bacteria is releasing, which in turn is turning on markers for disease in your DNA.  The act of swishing coconut oil or sesame oil a few minutes a day when you wake up can reverse all sorts of issues.  That and a waterpik and you’re set.

Learn more on Oil Pulling here:  Here’s an additional site on oil pulling.

Remineralization  Haven’t you ever thought it was sorta weird that you get cavities and they never heal?  What did everybody do until a hundred years ago without a dentist down the street?  What if I told you that you some say it’s possible to grow new tooth enamel almost as easily as you can lose it to a cavity.  The glycerin in toothpaste does a great job of protecting your teeth from bacteria, but it also prevents calcium from binding to your teeth and since calcium is the mortar that holds your teeth together, is that such a wise thing if you’re nursing a cavity?

Glycerin Free Toothpaste

(I include the sound based pages again because mediation, music and sound have been pretty “soundly” proven to be extremely healing.)  For instant inspiration at any time.  Type in the name of your muse and the track you want and much more music along the same themes will play.  Revolutionary radio.  I have a channel for Vangelis, one for Radiohead, one for Billy Holiday, Miles Davis, Motzart, Johnny Cash.. whatever your mood you can find a virtual channel for you.  Home of Bill Harris’s Centerpointe Holosynch.  I stumbled upon Centerpointe because a friend turned me onto it, and it was life altering to say the least.  Within the first week I, who had never meditated before, was having intense revelatory meditations about life issues I wasn’t even aware were holding me back.  The main page has tremendous information on how binaural beats, or super low frequencies alternating in stereo ear to ear via earphones, actually change and increase the way your left and right brain communicate.  The implications for everything from controlling stress, to ADD, Autism, and increased creativity are amazing.  It’s worth a read if you care about your brain and life in general.  Tom Kenyon is a respected scientist and also a healer that uses sound.  Like Bill Harris he uses binaural beats and his stuff is also amazing.  Big difference… he gives it out FOR FREE to try on his site.   He has a voice that spans four octaves and is absolutely amazing.   You should check out his entire site when you get the chance.  He also does trance work with a group called the Hathors and regardless what you think of channelers, it is smart, inventive and inspiring.  Interesting cat.

Archive of Edgar Cayce Readings  An absolutely vast search index for the collected readings of by far the most prolific and well documented trance psychic in modern history, who for over 30 years diagnosed and prescribed unheard of and exceedingly effective natural cures for every imaginable disease, some that science hadn’t even discovered yet at that time, foretold events both mundane and miraculous of our past, present and future.  All of his readings were meticulously transcribed and preserved.  They called him the Sleeping Prophet, but if you need someone, anyone to wake you up to the fact that there are things in this world that go beyond our mundane understanding of reality and that can actually have meaningful effects on your health, Cayce’s your guy.   He was talking about your alkaline/acid balance before science knew what it was.  He knew that mercury was causing mood and nerve disorders decades ahead of his time.  He  literally is responsible for founding entire fields of medicine and surgical techniques, all while talking while sleeping on his couch in Virginia.   Out of this world incredible.

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