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There is a wonderful moment that arrives when you realize, “I am not striving for anything… what I’m doing now is not a means to achieve something later.  …suddenly the present becomes rich.”
Joseph Campbell represents even after his passing the very best of our collective understanding of the power of myths and how they reflect human consciousness.  Yet, really he was not just talking about myth, he was talking about the constant dance we move between ego and our higher angels.
He speaks of two eternities, the one we are born into, and the one we know best usually only as we prepare to move on past this world.  Yet, even at 80 we can remain a child, stuck in the egoic world, or even at 8 we can become old with wisdom and liberation from the world of childish understanding.
His work, like “the Hero With A Thousand Faces“, inspired filmmakers like George Lucas to create Star Wars.  His words and his life should inspire all of us.
Joseph, filmed in a rare interview a few months before his passing and just recently found, gives timeless and perfect advice.  Worth 4 minutes to start your day.
Joseph Campbell–Myth As the Mirror for the Ego – YouTube.


  • ” suddenly the present becomes rich”
    if in every “present ” I am realizing that I am part of humanity and every action will effect the WHOLE. .

  • Yes, a beautiful statement, Susan.

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