Universal Laws

There are certain laws in the universe that have been passed down and proven, perhaps in ways we may not immediately understand.  For instance, The Law of Attraction, The Law of Polarity, The Law of One.  In normal-person-who-doesn’t-spend-Christmas-Vacation-in-prayer-under-The-Great-Pyramid-of-Giza-speak, I’m referring to little gems like; “You get what you ask for”, “What goes up must come down” and “we all put our pants on one leg at a time”, respectively.

See, now you too can say you speak “hippy” the next time you find yourself abandoned by a hallucinogenic blind date and without any source of water at Burning Man.

Seriously, this area of the site will be reserved for that which you may never have heard about but that can truly be eye opening regardless of your background.  Sometimes truth is just truth and the law is the law.  You can either be oblivious to the rules and live as a victim or live as a co-creator of your own reality .

Another Universal Law is called The Law of Discernment.  It means to take only what feels true to you and that law, like anything universal, ALWAYS applies in all things.

Don’t browse this section lightly, read only if you are ready to begin to take responsibility for your world because once you start down this path there is no going back.  Once you know of a law, there’s no more excuse to break it.

Put on your seatbelt, there’s a law for that one too.

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