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Who are you, really?

The most important question you can ever ask yourself, is “who am I?”

Who are you really?  Are you some image that appears in your mind, are you some emotion that passes through your mind and body?  Are you something that someone said you are?
The truth of who you are does not come and go.  Anything else is just tricks of the mind.  Enjoy the 9 minute video.


  • “Rest in the endless peace of your true nature before any thought of ‘I’ arises”.
    Thank you for this, Waking Universe.

    • Nice comment. Is that Buddha? It’s the concept of surrender that Abraham, Jesus, Buddha and others all talked about and which for so many years I didn’t really get, as I found it hard to believe that anything could be accomplished in the real world by simply being at rest.
      Nowadays I feel like I better understand that concept. If we aren’t at peace in our true nature, how can we possibly make the outside world a more peaceful place. It’s a wonderful thing to see both myself and others discovering and embracing that concept.
      At the same time, I don’t feel like it’s an excuse for me to tune out either. I feel like we all have a vote in what that concept of “I” should be. The concept is just a question that begs us to consider what real peace is, to identify with that ideal, and then move that ideal into the “I”.
      Edgar Cayce used to say, (as well as others before him I’m sure) that you should never meditate without first connecting to your highest ideal, as that in that connection, you were able to find the greatest potentials out there and bring them into your mundane reality.
      That’s the trick, isn’t it? To have the endless peace of your true nature become your “I”, to replace thoughts of “me me me” that we tend to walk around with the bigger picture and hold that in our daily lives.
      Nice one Red.

  • I enjoyed the tape very much “Who are you…really ?
    I have been searching for several decades and I am still searching for : SELF AND COLLECTIVE SEARCH FOR IDENTITY.
    If more and more people is searching for the TRUTH , I mean the real TRUTH and identity, we would not to have to suffer so much in this dimension.

    • I agree there is hope, Susan. If I’ve learned anything it’s that any change we wish to see starts within. It’s been very beneficial to me personally to view myself as a microcosm of the greater collective. By having compassion for everything outside as if it is a part of some inner working of myself, some issue being played out externally that mirrors my own personal reality, even those I disagree with or that are downright opposed to the the world I’d like to see, I am able to identify with both and transform my own inner world. As a result, somehow, the outer world begins to change as well, starting in my own field of influence and my day to day life.
      Vibes are contagious and I believe the highest vibe sets the pace and the reality for what we see around us.
      My personal reading of fractals, of how in math, nature and in quantum science the tiniest changes in the smallest part of an organism or equation reflect themselves as larger changes to the greater are quite a revelation. We so often get frustrated with the rate of change in the world and we wish to change it all single handedly by beating ourselves up about it. I believe it helps to know that I am not the only one wanting to change things and that I have plenty to work on to change even myself. There is no obstacle that’s insurmountable when we can come together in that realization. Each person realizing that they do what they can do and that it all adds up into a tidal wave of massive change for the better is the way we’re going to change this planet.
      Only hopelessness, despair, and our own inner fears can prevent that.
      Thanks for the comment!

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