Crystalline Choir DVDs featuring Dr. Todd and Kryon AVAILABLE HERE!

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Dr. Todd’s Crystalline Choir DVDs featuring Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll NOW SHIPPING.   Thank you for your interest in this exciting new one of a kind cinematic documentary piece!

You can find the link for purchases of the ROSETTA TONES II CRYSTALLINE COMMUNICATION CHOIR disc or digital download by going to our store page and or CLICKING HERE!


Hello.  We’re another version of you.  

Welcome to the Waking Universe, here to expand your human experience.  Together we can change what is expected and recreate our reality into the best possible version for ourselves and each other.

On this site you will find a thought provoking blog, hand picked crystals from around the world and metaphysical supplies to order, a treasure trove of access to some of the best intuitive consultants in the world both for personal readings and collective inspiration whether it’s via Skype, Youtube, a phone call or an in person event.

Waking Universe is also a film and television production company with a professional team that makes uplifting content that ranges from unique visual meditation pieces to complete narrative and documentary feature films, with previous award winning work theatrically released and featured at Sundance and other renowned venues.

All together, you have just found a mix of unique media, creative thoughts, ideas, expressions and ponderings to uplift, intrigue, shake and wake you up.  We invite you to think for yourself and always ask a bunch of questions.

Don’t believe everything you hear or read.  Don’t give your power to anyone.  Make up your own mind and uncover your own truths, which may not be mine.  And don’t freak when your truth changes.  If you’re not learning you’re not awake.  Don’t let fear run you down.  Let go.  Let live.  Find some joy and allow the waking Universe to provide some soul food for thought.

Another version of you.