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About Waking Universe

Waking Universe is a portal into the ever-expanding framework of our human potential. We offer intuitive Tarot readings, energy healing, chakra balancing, cleansings, inner child work and house blessings. This life is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Open the door to healing, love, financial success and greater sense of self. Through the choice of self-love and personal power you hold the keys to an unlimited, abundant universe.

Intuitive Tarot Readings
Manifest divine guidance and unique insight into your personal path whether it is in relationships, career or finances.
Inner Child Work
Release blockages by integrating with your inner children who are asking to be heard and loved.
Energy Healing
The ancient practice of Reiki and Shamanic modalities.
House Blessings
Whether you’re having supernatural experiences or are looking to clear the energy in your space, bring to your home the peace and prosperity you deserve.

Cristina M.

Your Connector & Reader

Cristina is a psychic intuitive and healer who offers assistance in many forms to release old patterns, cords and other attachments. She acts as a bridge to thin the veil, helping you weave the light of unconditional love into the fabric of your life. Her gifts were triggered by the loss of her son. Through spiritual work she found her reconnection to unconditional love while helping others to do the same.