Waking Universe Episode One: Susan Dobay

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I’m proud to announce the first episode of Waking Universe, where we will be speaking with interesting folks that are bridging the world of science and spirit to find ways that bring us together. Susan Dobay is a woman of many faces.  She is a student of life that expresses the fundamental questions we all […]

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The New Dream

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Don Miguel Ruiz‘s groundbreaking and seminal work “The Four Agreements” should be required reading by anyone looking to find a better vantage about their lives.  The book is astonishingly simple to the point of being almost obvious once comprehended, like words you already had on the tip of your tongue but unable to articulate until […]

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Clobbering Time

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December 8, 2011 I woke up this morning with images from a dream in my head.  I was being shown cards, of what looked like an intricately drawn cartoon tarot deck.  The person showing them to me remains unclear in my memory, but it was a very gentle, feminine presence.   I’ve been thinking a lot […]