The Source Field Investigations

“You create a loving space within yourself, which then allows loving energy to fill it.”

I’m reading NYT bestseller The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcox right now and it’s a very well thought out work that has some pretty controversial and cutting edge science in it that at the end of the day has some tones of truth that upon reflection seem almost obvious if you take the time to notice it.

It took the author over 30 years of research to make his information that clear cut and obvious to the lay person.  The hard work involved with this book really shows.

You can click on the photo or link above or here to go to Amazon and read some of the reviews on this book by people reading it.  It’s got 5 stars out of 5 with 177 reviews so far.  See what people are saying themselves.

I can say that David is taking what I’ve read in other places as philosophy and giving it the hard science to back it up, complete with references that are checkable.  He takes the mystical and makes it concrete in a way that I have not seen done, comparable only to Lynne McTaggart’s The Field, which you can find my take on by clicking here, as a book I’d hand to an enquiring atheist or agnostic to get them to consider a wider world.

I especially like the parts about revelations in consciousness science being released from Russian scientists who have been studying the subject for decades behind the iron curtain and can only recently talk about their findings publicly.

What did they find?  The answer to that may be the very answer to living a purposeful life itself.  In a nutshell, watch the video below.

This new video is David’s philosophy from his own point of view shown in a very matter of fact way that takes what could be hours and hours of information and condensing it into 20 minutes that could wake even the walking dead.


“How do you define your reality?  All experiences in life are based upon the strongest definitions you’ve bought into about that reality…

…Is this making some sense to you?”

What if every moment we recognized, this moment, right now, and now, and again now, created another world of potential, another parallel reality that could transform your whole world and the only reason your world isn’t transformed is you haven’t noticed?

What if we were walking animations, each new drawing giving the illusion of motion on canvas? What if that illusion of motion spiralled out in unfathomable ways when tied to our emotional state, which was holding the pen and ink, and re-created new worlds with each step?

How can we make each moment a masterpiece?

Can you accept that the feeling you create in your heart is what is propelling you forward, that you are a victim of nothing, not even your own momentum?

A thought like that should make you pay attention to each and every step, to each and every feeling that every step creates.

It is not about a specific memory, a specific thought, it is about surfing the feeling of love, of gratitude that you hold in your heart, in each and every step, even when… no especially when that next step may be hard.  You can shift through it.

It is about willing that feeling in your heart into existence regardless of circumstance.  It’s about focusing literally on your heart, and the feeling of gratitude and love you’ve gotten at the best of times, and willing it to grow with each and every step until it bursts from inside to the outside world.

It’s not a question of if, but when.

You are shifting now.  And NOW.  The shift isn’t coming, it’s NOW.

The question is not CAN you shift, it is “what will you shift to?”

The below video is 2 minutes.

Inside Out

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Have you considered that everything we see without is a projection of the inner world we each create for ourselves? What’s the difference between a personal projection and a collective projection?  Occupy yourself and perhaps we’ll find out.


Jim Carrey’s Power of Now and Zen

October of 2005, I was at a laundromat in Alhambra about closing time.  Alone.   I had just finished folding my sparkly white chonies and holey socks when I turned around and noticed something strange I’d before never encountered at a laundromat… No, not Jim Carrey in woman’s swim suit, but rather that someone had left behind a book, nearly pristine on the counter behind me.  There wasn’t another soul in the whole joint and hadn’t been since I got there.  I could swear that book wasn’t there when I’d put my basket down.  It was as if an angel left it there for me to find, or steal should the owner remember she’d last seen the subject of her Cal State Northridge freshman ethics class book report was left carelessly on a counter under her freshly softened, favorite black one piece swimwear.

That book was called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.  I identified with Eckart’s journey into his own consciousness and the powerful revelations he found there so completely that after reading the first chapter I put it down and it took me five years to pick it up again.

I’m not being sarcastic.  It hit me harder than I was prepared to be hit at that time in my life and I simply, for a variety of reasons, chose not to keep reading on some level.  For five years on and off I thought about what I had read in that one chapter even as I held onto it without ever mustering the pluck to read on.  I mused as to whether Mr. Tolle was some mad genius or merely mad, stuck on a park bench imagining he was the center of the universe beside the crazy cat lady from apartment 2A.

At the time I knew nothing of being “Zen” and Buddha was just a funny looking fat dude who smiled alot and gave you good luck if you rubbed his belly.

Now days I adore Eckhart Tolle who provided a tiny window into Buddha, Lao Zu  and others for me without requiring me to sign any paperwork that could require me to wear funny beads or get banned from the Vatican.

What’s so great about him is that he takes the esoteric and the overtly religious dogma out of what it means to be fully present in your life, indeed what it means to live side by side with your own spirit in the real world.  He distills the very spirit of being awake as simply living every moment in the “now”.

He’s like the Buddha of cool for soccer moms and international celebs alike.  (Soccer moms are on a whole level of cool of their own above international movie stars by the way, as I know one first hand as a soccer dad and she beats any international movie star I’ve yet to brush accidental elbows with by at least three goals.)

But you know what, the clip below of Jim Carrey doesn’t really have anything to do with Eckhart Tolle per se.  He’s just preamble.  The main event ain’t Eckhart, it’s Jim Carrey introducing Eckhart at an awards show I found recently when I ran across it on Eckhart’s site.  Jim Carrey speaks passionately and in his own unique way about his own awakening of consciousness and his somewhat Carreyesque struggle to hang onto that awakening that “comes and goes” as he says.  I hope he’s made it at least through chapter 11 and the 12 steps.  But more seriously, it’s a beautiful testimony of how we all, regardless of stature or who we think we are, ask the same questions and struggle with the same shadows and occasionally, just now and again, hit on something true and “want to take as many people as possible” with us.

You can learn more about Eckhart Tolle by clicking here.  I will be reviewing The Power of Now more fully at some point and I’ll be on the lookout for some good clips of him speaking.