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If I may please, one more time, state something that I hope becomes more and more obvious as time goes by. WE, you, me and anyone reading this, each CHOOSE what we believe and what the OUTCOME will be. It is so easy to believe that everything is done TO us.  It is easier to […]



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“How do you define your reality?  All experiences in life are based upon the strongest definitions you’ve bought into about that reality… …Is this making some sense to you?” What if every moment we recognized, this moment, right now, and now, and again now, created another world of potential, another parallel reality that could transform […]


Buddha and the Gas Pump

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What if energy was free, in infinite supply, and without any pollution whatsoever?  What if you never needed to “gas up” your car, except when you serviced it every 4 years? What if your entire annual household electricity needs could be run with power generated from a thimble of sea water in your basement? Would […]