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“How do you define your reality?  All experiences in life are based upon the strongest definitions you’ve bought into about that reality…
…Is this making some sense to you?”
What if every moment we recognized, this moment, right now, and now, and again now, created another world of potential, another parallel reality that could transform your whole world and the only reason your world isn’t transformed is you haven’t noticed?
What if we were walking animations, each new drawing giving the illusion of motion on canvas? What if that illusion of motion spiralled out in unfathomable ways when tied to our emotional state, which was holding the pen and ink, and re-created new worlds with each step?
How can we make each moment a masterpiece?
Can you accept that the feeling you create in your heart is what is propelling you forward, that you are a victim of nothing, not even your own momentum?
A thought like that should make you pay attention to each and every step, to each and every feeling that every step creates.
It is not about a specific memory, a specific thought, it is about surfing the feeling of love, of gratitude that you hold in your heart, in each and every step, even when… no especially when that next step may be hard.  You can shift through it.
It is about willing that feeling in your heart into existence regardless of circumstance.  It’s about focusing literally on your heart, and the feeling of gratitude and love you’ve gotten at the best of times, and willing it to grow with each and every step until it bursts from inside to the outside world.
It’s not a question of if, but when.
You are shifting now.  And NOW.  The shift isn’t coming, it’s NOW.
The question is not CAN you shift, it is “what will you shift to?”
The below video is 2 minutes.


  • Wonderful! Thank you!

  • I find the best way to return to the now and live from the heart is through breath. It always brings me back to my center. Great post =)

    • I always have to remind myself how important it is to breath. In the Hindu tradition it’s called Prana, which basically means divine light. It’s the idea that by taking in breath you’re taking in something sacred, lifegiving.
      I have found that deep breathing helps my meditations get going and helps me keep my center also. Thanks!

  • Good title… and I especially like the black and white spiral thingy. Hmn. 😉

    • I found the white spiral thingy by accident and was tripped out when it kept moving even on my desktop. cool. very Rod Serling.

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